Your First Two Weeks in Canada

Welcome to your new home in Canada. This video will explain some of the key things you should do in the first two weeks to make your transition to life in Canada easier. When you arrive, the first hours at the airport may be confusing, but the most important thing is to be prepared, even […]

Integrity of Heart | Russell M. Nelson

Thank you, President Lee and Sister Lee. We appreciate your limitless leadership and are grateful to acknowledge the presence of Sister Lee’s parents, Brother and Sister Griffin. I thank Brother Staheli and the singers for their wonderful music—it was beautiful. Dear fellow students and friends—beloved brothers and sisters—you look mighty good to Sister Nelson and […]

Bill Wiese (Man Who Went To Hell) – 23 Minutes in Hell

But if you want nothing to do with God, you want to deny Him there is a place prepared that has nothing to do with Him. God gives man a choice because that’s what love does, it gives a choice. He is the only way, there is no other way. I don’t care what you […]