A simple guide to electronic components.

This video is just the basics of electronic components, what they look like and what they actually do – and how they work in fact So let’s start with one of the most common, the one that I just picked up there the resistor So this is a one thousand Ohm resistor I can tell […]

Le montage vidéo de A à Z sur Premiere Pro (DEBUTANTS en une seule partie)

Top 50 SQL Interview Questions and Answers Part 1

Not let us see top 50 SQL interview questions and answers The first one is what is DBMS. We’ll take this database and database management part first also and then we’ll talk about the SQLs. so what is dbms A dbms is a set of programs, a connection of programs that controls create, maintain, and […]

Write a Resume in 6 Simple Steps | The Homework Help Show EP 45

Hi guys and welcome back to our channel. My Cath Anne and this is episode 45 of the Homework Help Show hosted by Homework Help Global. Here on the show and provide you with valuable content for your academic and student life. Creating a resume and see what the daunting process. When you think of […]

How to Create a Simple and Professional Resume in Microsoft Word | CV Design Tutorial (With Vocal)

first of all click page layout tab and lick margin button and lick custom margin had sat top bottom and left right values to 0 then click OK and click ignore button now let’s change the page size to A4 let’s insert the image that we are going to use as a reference. This image […]

Elite Resume/CV template – Microsoft Word & Photoshop formats [DOWNLOAD]

hey guys my name is Tanzeel and I’m a Graphic & Web Designer today I’m here with an awesome CV template you can download this template and download link is given in description let’s see how we can edit that template according to your content. First of all how you can edit the text if […]

Resume / CV how to edit and use? – Photoshop and Microsoft Word

Hello and welcome today we’re going to look how we can use and edit this resume or CV whatever you want to call it this is a template we got it from envato market on graphicriver it’s made by profive link are in the description, a good-looking cv is very important for all of us […]

Improve Your Resume With This Simple Formula

so there’s a lot of folks out there on the job market looking for you know been trying to find jobs and you know the key to finding a job is your resume now a lot of work early and we all know recruiters on the teacher in for a couple seconds but doesn’t mean […]