Steelo Brim Defends His Love For Sports Jerseys | Ridiculousness

– Sterling, you’re passionate about the jersey it’s a fashion statement, it’s used for sports, it’s used for relaxing, why do you love the jersey so much? – (laughs) Okay, (laughter) I didn’t know I loved the jersey so much. – That’s right when I picture you, I picture you in a variety of different […]

Would You Ever Lie On Your Resume? | Ridiculousness

(audience applauds) – God forbid you ever had to get a job. (audience laughs) – Yep. – Okay, would you lie on your resume? – Well. – Would I lie on my resume? – Well, that’s actually how I got my very first good job. (audience laughs) Well, my mom kinda helped me, she was […]

What Inspired MAX’s Hit Song ‘Lights Down Low’? | Ridiculousness

– Look, lemme tell you something about “Lights Down Low”, man. Smash hit, okay. – Thanks, man. – An incredible song. What inspired it, man? – My wife, who’s actually here today. I wrote it for her, and I proposed to her with it, to get married, so. (applause) – [Sterling] That’s dope, that’s dope, […]

Kendall Jenner on North West’s Fashionista Style and Picking Psalm West’s Name

-How’s the baby? The new baby? -Psalm. -Yes. -Everything’s great. -Yeah. -Yeah, he’s awesome. He’s so adorable. -He’s so cute. -I actually got kidnapped when he was born. I was out of town the day he was born, so I didn’t see him for a couple days. Kim made me come to her house and […]

John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch | Official Trailer | Netflix

What you’re about to see is a children’s TV special, and I made it on purpose. Guess who I saw on the subway today? -Fran Lebowitz. -Yes. I’m nervous. Let’s talk about some of the characters. Can I ask a question? What’s the tone of the show? Is it ironic, or do you like doing […]

Ashley Graham Gave Guests Tattoos and Piercings at Her Coed Baby Shower

-Hi, baby! -It’s a lot harder to sit on these chairs now. -Oh, my God. -Oh! -How adorable. Oh, my gosh. How are you feeling? How’s it going? -I am feeling large and in charge. -Okay, that’s good. That’s great. -It’s like a sci-fi film every day. There’s, like, a little alien taking over my […]

Timothée Chalamet Spills Details on Epic Dinner with Kanye and Kim Kardashian West

-Timothée Chalamet. Always good to see you, buddy. Thank you so much for coming back to our show. -Thanks for having me back. -You got such a great energy. Every time I run into you, you’re always — -And you were surprised backstage, right? -Yeah, I was. -I scared Jimmy backstage. Because he knocked on […]

Jim James ft. The Resistance Revival Chorus: Over and Over

-Performing “Over and Over” from his album “Uniform Clarity,” out Friday, please welcome back Jim James! [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -♪ Over again ♪ ♪ Over and over and over again ♪ ♪ Over and over and over again ♪ ♪ On and on and on ♪ ♪ We fight the same fights […]