Know Your Bro with Chris and Scott Evans

-Here’s how it works. One of you will wear noise-canceling headphones while the other one answers a question. Then you’ll take the headphones off and we’ll see if your answer matches. If it matches, you get a point. -All right. -As a reminder, one is the number to beat. [ Laughter ] -Brutal — -I […]

AMAZING SINGER BLOWS judges AWAY! | BRITAINS GOT TALENT 2018 | @ZandarMile (Music : Gautier Abadie)

hello What’s your name Alexandra below snitch and where are you from? I’m just from Stevenage And how old that’s 1 C 3 is what you’re gonna do do you do is a day job What do you have a different job? Ok, I work for Xavier council How long we do music for? Since […]

Billie Eilish on Her Throwback Jimmy Obsession, Ankle Sprains and Green World Tour

-Welcome back. I’m so happy you’re here. I know you’re at “Saturday Night Live,” and that’s how you first know me, right? From “Saturday Night Live.” -Did you hear about that? -No. -So, okay, listen. When I was growing up — I mean, I am 17, but when I was like… Really, like 5 or […]

Steve Jobs Challenged me to Twerk

Goodmorning guys i’m gonna show you here this is what we have yeah, theres the sun theres the sun I have been challenged by steve jobs who was leaving a comment on renettos channel to twerk go check out renettos channel can find the steve jobs comment, this is funny this is my attempt, i […]

Joaquin Phoenix and Jimmy Fallon Trade Places

-I have a card here that says three things on it. And one of them may be true and none of them may be true, do you mind if I read these things. -Are they things that I said? -Yes. You said these three things. None of them may be true, but I think I […]

NiGHTS into Dreams | Prototype Footage + Sonic Team Interview | Sega Video Magazine (May 1996)

Sega Saturn ??? Exhibition March 27 – Tokyo Prince Hotel As you’ll notice now and later, the level layout path for Spring Valley does not resemble the final version’s. It’s pretty empty. NiGHTS Production Team (Sonic Team) Producer – Yuji Naka Planner – Takashi Iizuka Director – Naoto Oshima Different font used for the point […]

London Customs Agent Couldn’t Believe John Krasinski Is Married to Emily Blunt

-We love having you here, buddy. You are actually now officially a New Yorker. -I am! I moved back. [ Cheers and applause ] Yes! Yes. I love it. -It’s official. -It is official. -Does it feel good? Do you like being a New Yorker? -Oh, God, it feels so good. You walk outside and […]

SML Movie: Jeffy Loses His Arms!

Hey, um, daddy, don’t get mad, but I lost my arms. *SIGH* Jeffy, you did not lose your arms. Yes, I did daddy. I was putting on my shirt and my arms ran away! (The 3rd stage of life) Jeffy, your arms did not run away, they are inside your shirt, I can see them! […]

Know Your Bro with the Jonas Brothers

-The three of you are very close, but I wanted to see just how close you are in a game we call “Know Your Bro.” Now, here’s how the game works. One of you will wear noise-canceling headphones while the other two answer a question about you, okay? Then you’ll take the headphones off, and […]