Seth Meyers Didn’t Get Engaged In Paris | Netflix Is A Joke

– You may have noticed that I said, in the five years my wife and I dated before we got married, the only mistake, the only mistake I made with my wife is that I made her wait five years before I married her. That is too long for a woman of her caliber. I […]

How Seth Meyers Got Started in Comedy | Netflix Is A Joke

– Hi, I’m Seth Meyers. I just shot my first stand-up special, Lobby Baby, and this is how I got started. (upbeat music) I grew up in New Hampshire, Bedford, New Hampshire, which seems like maybe not a place where comedy would flourish, save for the fact that Sarah Silverman grew up in my hometown, […]

New On Netflix US | November 2019 | Netflix

You ever show up late? No. Do you drink on the job? No. You ever hit anybody? On the job? Yeah. I don’t think so. Alright then, we don’t have nothing to worry about. It was like the army. You followed orders. You did the right thing. A friend of ours is having a little […]