Céline Dion Settles the Jack and Rose Titanic Door Debate

-i don’t know if you know this, but we’re in the middle of a Céline-issance. -you should have let me know. I would have dressed appropriately. -some magazine said that it’s the rebirth of Céline Dion. We’re in a Céline-issance. And I go, “I love that.” -it’s kind of nice. Well, I feel like I’m […]

Introducing iPhone 11 Pro — Apple

[WHIRRING] [FLICKERING] [WHIRRING] [ELECTRICAL BUZZING] Dan Riccio: Introducing iPhone 11 Pro. Every detail has been used as an opportunity to set new standards in design, quality, and engineering, ensuring it will deliver uncompromising performance in any situation. At the core of the iPhone 11 Pro design is a stainless steel structural band and a three-dimensional […]

What If You Damaged Something in a Museum by Accident?

Have you ever visited a museum and noticed that there doesn’t seem to be very much separating the public from the precious art or artifacts on display? Often, it’s nothing more than a velvet rope, and sometimes even less. What would happen if you tripped and stumbled right into a shelf of priceless Etruscan urns? […]