Sebastian Maniscalco Fears Gas Stations At Midnight | Netflix Is A Joke

(audience laughing) – We gotta pull over at night at a gas station. My biggest fear, getting murdered… (audience laughing) at a gas station, pumping gas. ‘Cause we all have our gas stations that we go to. It’s your primary one, you go there and that’s your one. When you go outta your neighborhood and […]

Sebastian Maniscalco Tried To Baptize His Jewish Baby | Netflix Is A Joke

– Now I was dealing with the whole, you know, we got a Jewish baby. I’ve got, my side was like, “What you gonna do? (audience laughing) “How you gonna raise the baby, what you gonna do? “No Christmas, you’re not gonna have a tree?” (audience laughing) Lot of people deal with this. “Well, you […]

Sebastian Maniscalco’s Soul Cycle Experience | Netflix Is A Joke

– She just said, “come with me. “I’m gonna go to spin class tomorrow.” I said, “okay, I’ll come. “I’ll come to your spin class.” I’ve never done this before. But I went to SoulCycle whatever it is. Right. (cheering) Yeah, see everybody gets all hopped up. (audience laughing) I go to the one in […]