50 Cent on Final Season on ‘Power’ & ‘Power Book 2: Ghost’ | In Studio

– Hey, I’m 50 Cent and I’m in the studio with The Hollywood Reporter, keep it locked right here. (upbeat music) – Thanks so much for stopping by. – Thanks for having me. – Yeah, I really wanna talk about that little explosive show that you executive produce. Season six, final season, and I say […]

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[MUSIC] [Yells] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] -I’m so sorry. -When they go low, I go lower. [MUSIC] -I have to pay a penance. -Yes, you do. [MUSIC] -I’m gonna let Hanna keep all the money. [MUSIC] -I want to take the law into my own hands. -Then you do it. [Police sirens] [Yells] -WHAT DO YOU REALLY […]