Customizing your resume for a specific job. Video 1 of 30 days of resume.

Hi. It’s Kerri Twigg and I’m starting a new series called 30 days of resume. For all of November, every day, I’ll be sharing a resume tip or answering questions you may have about resumes. So, please send me a message. asking a question. Or write a question below. If you have a resume that […]

How to get motivated to write a resume.

Hey there. It’s Kerri Twigg with video #12 of 30 days of resume. So today’s question is a dream question and the question is … how do I ….the person wanted to know. They were like.. Every time that they sit down to write their resume they get stuck. And they are kinda like, how […]

Resumes: Make Yours Stand Out For All the Right Reasons | Burning Money Questions | MONEY

Hey guys. Kristen money speechwriter and self-appointed resumé expert. Welcome back to Burning Money Questions. A new series where we answer everything you’ve ever wanted to know about personal finance. A few weeks ago, we told you to send us all of your questions about resumes and here are the answers. How often do I […]

JOB INTERVIEW questions and answers (Part 4): What are your strengths?

In this week’s job search tip is gonna concentrate on the question “What are your strengths?” We’re gonna look at it from a couple different angles and give you some good examples and bad examples on how to answer this job interview question. That’s coming up! Hey guys, I’m Kim with Snagajob, and welcome to […]

Bullet-Points: How to Describe Your Experience in Your Resume

When creating a resume, we use bullet-points to show transferable skills that were demonstrated in past positions and experiences that you’ve had. Bullet-points are an excellent way of showing your skills, and the way in which we create them is the same for jobs, internships, volunteer experience, research, and projects. Each bullet-point will be either […]

Persuasive & Creative Writing Tips : How to Write a Resume

Hi, this is Laura Turner, and today, I’m going to talk with you about how to write a resume. If you were just writing a standard resume you’re going to, of course want to tailor your resume to the job that you’re, you are applying for. Sometimes, you will write it like this in my […]

Five Minute Feedback – What Skills Can You REMOVE from Your Resume?

Hi everybody! Thanks so much for joining us for Five Minute Feedback this Wednesday. For those of you that have never joined us for Five Minute Feedback, this is a video series, where every single weekday I actually take one resume that someone’s asked me to review for them on LinkedIn, and then I provide […]

Resume Writing Tips : How to Write a Resume

Writing your resume, it may seem a mundane task. But it is very, very important. I’m Gloria Campbell with Advantage Training Systems. Giving you some ideas on how to write a resume. A resume is really your marketing tool. Think of it as a brochure that you’re going to give a customer or a potential […]