If you are searching for how to write a cover letter then,you are at right place. First of all, What is cover letter? in simple language, a cover letter is a one page document that you send with your resume when applying for a job. Let me explain top 6 things which helps you to […]

Résumé de DEATH STRANDING en 15 minutes !SPOIL! FR

Hello everybody, this is jokolead, I will invite you here to discover the story of Death stranding I worked hard for this video in additionnal it’s the first time I do a video like this, so do not hesitate to give my some feedback I really want to grow up, and give you the best […]

L’Odyssée, le résumé en moins de 30 minutes – SDH #20

Senior N.K. official warns Pyeongyang could resume war of words against U.S.

now senior North Korean diplomat has warned that US president Trump’s recent remarks hinting at the use of military force against the regime will be quote a very dangerous challenge if they were not made in error it marks the first time in months the North Korea has criticized Trump himself so directly our Eason […]

How to do a Resume

Hey everybody it’s Jessica. I decided to make a video about how to write a proper resume and have a killer cover letter to go along with it. So I recently graduated college and was absolutely stumped at what to do in terms of writing a good resume so that I could start looking for […]

Resume Basics – Tutorial #2 – What Recruiters Look For

Now that we have the basic layout of resumes and how they’re put together I’m gonna talk to you a little bit more about what recruiters look for in resumes. now using the same resume template we used in the other video, recruiters are generally never reading your resume in it’s entirety. Typically on average […]

How to write a CV [Tips from an ex-recruiter]

hi welcome back to The English Meeting Room I’m Hannah and about seven years ago I moved countries and had to conduct a job search and get a job from scratch had to send my CV out there figure it out and I learned a lot during that process and I actually ended up working […]

19 Tips for Freshers to to improve their Resumes

Hello everyone! Today we will discuss 19 tips on how Freshers can improve their Resumes. [1] Don’t lie. Even if you get shortlisted for an interview, a seasoned interviewer will be able to sniff out your lies easily. [2] Don’t pad your resume with irrelevant points. Don’t talk about your parents and their professions. Don’t […]