Write A Winning Resume (for Job Hunters)

So what do you know about a resume? It’s a list of jobs you’ve done, its highlights the professional development you’re interested in and lets people know that you have the skills that they want. So it’s a pretty important document and therefore needs to be done just right *music* Before you start writing up […]

Q&A Resume Tips 2020: Don’t Put All Skills In Your Resume!!!!

You’re totally new on resume writing? And you may not know how to start writing it At the same time, You have a lot a lot of skills Should I put them all I think all of us have to face these problems sooner or later So it is better to prepare ahead And you […]

How To Write A WINNING Resume in 2020 – Resume Examples INCLUDED

– Let me guess, you have a resume, but it’s not landing you the job interviews you really want. Maybe you’ve submitted your resume to hundreds, or even dozens of positions. In this video, I’m sharing a proven strategy that has helped my clients and students achieve things like landing a job making two times […]

How to Write a Resume — Resume Writing Tips

A good resume is your key to success. Let’s learn how to write it. First, find keywords in the job listing that relate to the needed skills, experience, location, and age. Be concise and on point. Don’t go off-topic. Limit your information to key skills, relevant experience, and education. Use action words to assert yourself […]

Resume Building Tips | How To Choose A Professional Resume Template

Hi I’m Lisa Rangel with Chameleon Resumes The premier executive resume writing company and thank you so much for joining me today! Today we’re gonna talk about resume templates and specifically how to choose the right resume template for you and your job search I want you to have success and I get that everyone […]

Writing an Impactful Summary of Qualifications | Resume Writing

Writing a summary of qualifications can assist with bringing direction and focus to the information in the sections that follow. With the assistance of this learning module, you’ll receive tips and advice for creating an impactful summary of qualifications. The summary of qualifications is an optional section to include near the top of your resume. […]

Welcome to The English Meeting Room

Hey there thanks for checking out The English Meeting Room. My name’s Hannah and I’ve been living internationally for the last six years, working as both a Recruiter and an English Teacher and during this time, I’ve noticed that so many of you are not achieving your potential at work simply because your English skills […]

Why Resumes are Dead and What to do About It

Heard of something called the hidden job market where 80% of jobs are not even posted. They aren’t even published so you don’t even hear about it. One of the most, another common question that I receive from a lot of viewers and listeners is, is the resume dead? You know, that is a common […]

How My Ironman Training Can Help Your Job Search!