The BEST Achievement Details for your resumes and cover letters

Are you uncertain about how and where to add your achievement details to your resumes and cover letters? Do you know which section of your resumes you should be putting your achievement details to? In this video I’ll show you how to do exactly that and introduce you to using keywords in your resumes and […]

Contact Details – Which details to add to your Resumes & Cover Letters?

Do you think adding your contact details to your resume and cover letter is a no-brainer? Do you know about the hidden traps of certain contact details? In this video, I’ll show you how to add the right contact details so that your resume and cover letter will be polished and professional. Stay tuned. Hi […]

Resume – Legal Name Vs Preferred Name

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Don’t Use Self Ranking Resumes – Here’s Why!

Have you seen the resume templates that use self ranking skill levels? They’re eye-catching, aren’t they? You can usually cram all your information on to one page. But do you know what most employers really think of them? Do you know why most people should avoid using the self ranking system on their resumes? In […]

Job Interview Question – Why Do You Want To Work Here – 5 Sample Answers

Why do you want to work here is a common interview question, but do you know what the employer is really asking with this question? Do you know how to answer this question to show off your values, your motivations and your ambitions? Well stay tuned because in this video I’ll give you all the […]

Language Details On Your Resume

So you speak a second language but you’re unsure if you should include your language in your resume. Do you have two, three or more languages? Are you unsure how to rate your language ability? Do you have different levels of speaking and writing that particular language? Do you have a certification in the language? […]

Resume Certification Details

Listing your certification details on your resume is a great way to attract the interest of the recruiter. But do you know how to add your certification details to your resumes? Do you know the correct type of certifications to include that will give authority to your resume? Additionally do you know the tips on […]

How To Add Keywords To Your Resumes & Cover Letters

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Job Interview Question – What Is Your Greatest Professional Achievement?

Do you know how to correctly describe your most impressive professional achievements during a job interview? Can you identify your most noteworthy achievement and then explain how that will relate to the job you’re applying for? Do you know how to distinguish between bragging about yourself and informing the employer of your most notable professional […]

How To Explain That Gap On Your Resume | Fast Company

(upbeat music) – [Announcer] Gaps in the resume happen, sharing them with a potential employer, however, can feel intimidating. So here are four tips on how the approach this conversation. Number one, be upfront. Whatever the reason for an employment gap, take five to 10 words to explain it on your resume. Otherwise the hiring […]