How to Write a Skills Section for Your Resume in 2020 [Examples Included]

Hi! We’re Kickresume and we’re going to show you how to list your skills on a resume. Ultimately, your skills section can look like this: This: Or even this: The key here is relevancy. That means you should only mention those skills that are essential for the job you want. Carefully reread the job description […]

Q&A Resume Tips 2020: Don’t Put All Skills In Your Resume!!!!

You’re totally new on resume writing? And you may not know how to start writing it At the same time, You have a lot a lot of skills Should I put them all I think all of us have to face these problems sooner or later So it is better to prepare ahead And you […]

Language Details On Your Resume

So you speak a second language but you’re unsure if you should include your language in your resume. Do you have two, three or more languages? Are you unsure how to rate your language ability? Do you have different levels of speaking and writing that particular language? Do you have a certification in the language? […]

Resume Skills

Do you know how to identify the most relevant skills to the job you’re applying for? Do you know how to catch the interest of the employer so your resume will be shortlisted for a job interview? Do you know where to add your skills on your resumes and cover letters? Well, in this video […]

Resumes Tips – Creating a Winning Resume

Welcome to this educational journey. We’re gonna to focus on resume tips. We are going to look at four tips on how to create a winning resume. A quality resume is essential if you’re going to gain the attention of an employer and land a job interview. On average, employers spend less than eight seconds […]

8 Tips for Writing a Winning Resume

– So you’re applying for a job. Everything right now is going great. You’ve entered your name in the first field and you’ve even spelled it correctly, but then you come to the next part, which says please upload your resume. Oh no, I don’t even have a resume, you think. And what’s worse, you […]

What Skills to Put On a Resume? Learn this trick to increase your chances ✓

To start with, what skills you need to put on your resume is a lot more important than you think. Yes, employers look for certain skillsets and you have to give it to them. But, it’s a bit more complicated than that. Let’s continue. There are essentially 3 things you can do to find the […]