How To Add Keywords To Your Resumes & Cover Letters

Are you a person who has the one resume you send out for every job application? Are you wondering why you’re sending out 10 20 even 30 copies of that one resume and receiving zero job interviews. Would you like to get the attention of every employer, so your resume or cover letter will earn […]

Jobscan’s ATS Tip Feature – Boost Your Resume

Welcome to Jobscan. In this video we’re taking a closer look at the ATS Tip feature within the Jobscan resume match report. Jobscan’s algorithm mimics the most common behaviors found in the top applicant tracking systems, or ATS, like Taleo, Greenhouse, Jobvite and dozens more. Many share similar features, but every system has its own […]

How to Use Effective Resume Keywords | Professional Resume Writing Service by Resume Service Plus

How to Include Effective Keywords in Your Resume More and more companies have turned to the internet for their talent selection needs … … since it’s more efficient and cost-effective. These companies prefer to look from online resume databases … … and they usually use keywords to narrow down their candidate search. Strategically putting in […]