Clint Dantinne 2015 Video Résumé (Virtual Interview)

[Clint Dantinne Career Highlights 2015] Hi I’m Clint Dantinne and I love storytelling Please join me for the next few minutes as I tell the story of my own career so far While still in high school I landed a part-time job on the air at WVCH AM radio station near Philadelphia and their New […]

Hip hop / rap cv resume, Tobia Donati

I’m a PM that loves user experience and that can improve your site performance. My responsibility is learn from mistakes to play as a web wizard and change any shapes. I’m great in any difficult situation because I have a skill called adaptation. I worked for many kind of company and every time I felt […]

Magnet for Job Seekers: Building Your Online Resume

Welcome to the Magnet online resume. Your online resume is a place for you to detail your education, experiences, and skills. Magnet uses your online resume to match you with relevant opportunities. Jobs are brought directly into your inbox making the job search process easier. Your online resume is shared with employers once you apply […]

How to Make an Acting Resume | from scratch back to basics musical theatre performer

Welcome back everyone if you are looking for the best way to get started in creating your resume to take to auditions then you’re in the right place I’m gonna take you through the basic steps literally right here on my screen that you’re seeing right now to show you how to start a resume […]

Two Koreas resume high-level meeting after adjournment (MNG)남북 고위급 회담 재개

The two Koreas have resumed their high-level meeting, which was adjourned in the early hours this Sunday without yielding any substantial results. For the latest details, we connect to our presidential office correspondent Choi You-sun . You-sun, have officials from Seoul and Pyongyang returned to the negotiating table? South Korea′s presidential office has confirmed that […]

Dania Yamout’s Video Resume 2014

Her face is a map of the world Is a map of the world You can see she’s a beautiful girl She’s a beautiful girl And everything around her is a silver pool of light The people who surround her feel the benefit of it It makes you calm She holds you captivated in her […]

Video Resume and Cover Letter – Stephane LAURENT

Good morning Stephane, how are you doing? Good Morning Shiva, I’m fine thank you Would you like to review your digital news as usual? Not today. Time to get a new job Wise decision Could you please launch the profile interface? I need to make some updates Ok where is the worker profile? Here it […]

Russia, U.S. to resume talks on avoiding accidental clashes over Syria 미국·러시아

U.S. officials say Russia has agreed to enter into talks aimed at ensuring the two countries forces avoid accidental clashes while conducting airstrikes over Syria. The Pentagon say the talks are likely to take place as soon as this weekend. The discussions will likely focus on how much distance there should be between U.S. and […]

Why a Modern Resume Should Be More Portfolio and Pitch Than Paper – Jullien Gordon

>>Erik: How do you define the modern resume?>>Jullien: The resume 1.0 is dead. There is just so much information A-symmetry in the career search process. A lot of people think of resumes as a job description, ‘I’m going to take the job that I did and I’m going to put the job description as the […]

Colin Dodds – Here’s What I Say ‘Bout Your Resume

Here’s what I say ‘bout your resume It’s got tact and it’s full of interesting facts Any hiring manager is gonna be a fan of that Boo do bap boo do ba da boo bap ba do bap Here’s what I say ‘bout your resume Son you know that brevity is all the rage You […]