4 Resume Myths (from Eazl’s worldwide bestselling Career Hacking course)

Eazl. OK. Quickly four resumé myths. The first resume myth is that your resume is a place for you to tell your life story. That is not the case. The resumé is like a key that is there to open doors for you. The second resume myth is that the resume has to be one […]

TopResume Success Story: Summarizing Years of Experience

I work in eDiscovery and it’s also known as litigation support. I had done a lot of things and I had a really powerful resume. Many years later, I left the field, I wanted to finish my degree because litigation’s non-stop, you’re working all the time. I was able to secure a position at a […]

CV / Resume Haroutioun Derderian – Introduction (English-Spanish Subtitle)

Hi! I’m Haroutioun Derderian, your next enthusiastic administrator. I enjoy to introduce myself as an experienced administrator who has a successful record in NGO, governmental and hospitality sectors. And in another hand, as an active volunteer in Educational field. Actually, I don’t like to be considered as “office robot” so I always try to challenge […]

Achievements in Resume

Glassdoor recently did a study where it showed over 250 resumes were being received for every position that was opened in a company. My name is bill Benoist and i’m a certified professional career coach with billbenoist.com, and in today’s video I’m gonna share with you a technique to make sure that your resume stands […]

Resume vs Curriculum Vitae vs Biodata | Differences between a Resume, CV and Biodata – ANIMATED

Often times, someone may have asked for your “Curriculum Vitae” or “CV” when you were expecting them to ask for your “Resume”. Or maybe someone asked you for your “Biodata”. You may have an idea of what a resume is, but what exactly is a Curriculum Vitae or a Biodata? Why are they being used […]

CV / Resume Haroutioun Derderian – Why Me ! (English-Spanish Subtitle)

Tough question! But easy to answer! Actually, I like to be visible and being around any time as “center point of information” My colleagues in executive level trust on my ability to manage, plan and administer a range of administrative operations across many different departments. My supervision method is always in the shape of teamwork […]

Resume Writing and Consulting Service from Interview SOS

At Interview SOS we take pride in writing resumes that provide our clients a competitive edge in a tough job market. Resumes that quickly get the attention of potential employers, and differentiate our clients as the obvious best choice when compared to other qualified candidates. Now, here’s a fact you may not know. A typical […]

Consulting Resume Edit

Hi this is Jenny Rae from Management Consulted and I’m here today to walk through and edit for Jacob Adams Jacob comes to us from Australia and he’s got a pretty extensive resume four pages long currently with a whole bunch of information that should be helpful in helping us craft something was amazing for […]

Got My Resume Through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with a 95% Success Rate!

Hey everyone this is Self Made Millennial, I’m Madeline Mann. Today I’m going to give you resume tips on how to tweak it to make sure it passes through a company’s automated resume scanning software. I’ll tell you how to figure out which keywords to put on your resume, how many times you should put […]