Resume Building Tips | How To Choose A Professional Resume Template

Hi I’m Lisa Rangel with Chameleon Resumes The premier executive resume writing company and thank you so much for joining me today! Today we’re gonna talk about resume templates and specifically how to choose the right resume template for you and your job search I want you to have success and I get that everyone […]

How to Use novoresume. Make A Winning Resume In 2020

Would you like to be able to create a professional, beautiful looking resume like this one. What I’m going to show you how to do that in this video. hello YouTube. I’m the Career Doctor. I’m here to help you manage your career right here on YouTube and today we’re going to be looking at […]

Assessments on the Resume Builder Tool

Welcome to our video series on using the Illinois workNet Resume Builder, powered by Optimal Resume. This video explains how to create or edit an Assessment series from your Document Center. From the Document Center of your Resume Builder account, find the Assessments block. You can find other assessments that you created or Create a […]

How to Write an Entry Level Resume (HD) | Professional Resumes by Resume Service Plus

How to Write a Resume – Challenges (HD) | Professional Resume Service by Resume Service Plus

How to Handle Challenges in Resume Writing Resume writing may prove to be challenging for someone who lacks work experience, … … has employment gaps, or doesn’t display consistent job industries on her resume. If this is you, try customizing your resume format. Here are some ways to help you overcome these challenges in resume […]

The BEST Achievement Details for your resumes and cover letters

Are you uncertain about how and where to add your achievement details to your resumes and cover letters? Do you know which section of your resumes you should be putting your achievement details to? In this video I’ll show you how to do exactly that and introduce you to using keywords in your resumes and […]

Contact Details – Which details to add to your Resumes & Cover Letters?

Do you think adding your contact details to your resume and cover letter is a no-brainer? Do you know about the hidden traps of certain contact details? In this video, I’ll show you how to add the right contact details so that your resume and cover letter will be polished and professional. Stay tuned. Hi […]

Best Resume Builder Software – Top 5 List

Best Resume Builder Software – Top 5 List Top 5: Easy Resume Creator Pro Top 4: Power Resumes Top 3: Resume Maker Professional Ultimate Top 2: WinWay Resume Deluxe Top 1: ResumeMaker Professional Deluxe

Resume – Legal Name Vs Preferred Name

Do you have a nickname or preferred name that you want to use on your resumes and cover letters? Do you know how to correctly add both your legal name and your preferred name to your documents? Do you know why you should be adding both to your resumes and cover letters? Coming up in […]

Don’t Use Self Ranking Resumes – Here’s Why!

Have you seen the resume templates that use self ranking skill levels? They’re eye-catching, aren’t they? You can usually cram all your information on to one page. But do you know what most employers really think of them? Do you know why most people should avoid using the self ranking system on their resumes? In […]