TopResume Success Story: Summarizing Years of Experience

I work in eDiscovery and it’s also known as litigation support. I had done a lot of things and I had a really powerful resume. Many years later, I left the field, I wanted to finish my degree because litigation’s non-stop, you’re working all the time. I was able to secure a position at a […]

Everything You Need To Know For A Killer Resume And Cover Letter

Best Resume Tip: A Simple Trick to Increase Results

Hey Everybody! It’s Andy! Welcome back to my show where I help you build a career you love got a really nice resume tip today dare I say it’s probably the best piece of advice I can give you in a very condensed amount of time that I think will have the most impact on […]

Episode 4: Resume writing tips from a resume expert

This is Safe for Work, the Workopolis podcast. Hi I’m Sal Ciolfi and today on the podcast: resume writing. You know, in theory it sounds really easy. A short document listing all your experience and skills. But in practice, writing an effective resume can be a soul-crushing endeavor. To save our souls, we’re here with […]

Resume Tips from University of Kentucky Experts

UK Career Center Resume Tips Video TEXT Kody Kiser, Videographer, Amy Jones, Producer SOT (Christina Mapes): “I’ve been looking and it’s slim pickings but I’m definitely trying.” SOT (Bryan Bulkley): “It’s really, really competitive and you worry about how good everyone else is and how you compare to everyone else and how you set yourself […]

The 24-Hour Resume Makeover Course Trailer | Improve Your Resume With Resume Templates

the average recruiter spends about ten seconds looking at your resume which means it’s very very important that you create an eye-catching resume that will land you at the top of the pile is your resume ready I’m Lauren McGowan founder and CEO at career contessa and I was once a recruiter so I know […]

How to write a technical resume

Hey guys, it’s great to see you again. If you are new here, my name is Bill Benoist, I’m a certified professional career coach in Silicon Valley. In today’s video, I’m going to talk about the technical resume. In fact, from a 5,000 foot perspective, I’m going to go over the steps of creating a […]

Customizing the Resume | The Resume Manual

Welcome to this video module on customizing the resume. Creating a professional and competitive performance resume is necessary for performers in every industry. Singers, dancers, actors, musicians, etc. all need to master the technique of creating and customizing a performance resume—this video will show you how. Our team is constantly creating professional performance resume templates […]

Project Manager Resume: How to Get Noticed (And Invited for an Interview)

resumes its what we’re talking about in today’s video you know so many of you have said Jason I have sent hundreds of resumes out and nobody’s calling me back what do I do I’ve been reading resumes now for over 15 years of an hiring project managers for for 15 years and I’ve seen […]