Reviving the American Dream with Raj Chetty

Like many immigrants, my parents came to the United States in search of the American Dream. The American Dream as you all know is a complicated multi faceted concept that means different things to different people. But one key aspect of it is the idea that if a child works hard they can make a […]

Summarize Scale Data with Frequencies and Descriptives Commands in SPSS (Ep.6A)

In our last video, we learn to explore categorical data; both ordered categories called “ordinal”, and unordered categories, called “nominal”. But what about continuous data like interval and ratio? We are going to dive deeper into exploring and summarizing scale level data with SPSS. After you import your data, but before you run your hypothesis […]

Explore and Summarize Categorical (Nominal or Ordinal) Data in SPSS (Ep.5)

After you import your data, but before you run your hypothesis tests, you should explore your data. When you have categorical variables, you want to know if you have any missing data. You want to see frequencies, percentages, and get a picture of how those data look. We are going to dive deeper into exploring […]

Summarizing a Research Study

We are working on becoming Scientific Literate with psychological research and in this module we are focusing on scientific writing and summarizing empirical research reports. The learning objective for this lesson is to write a summary of a research article using scientific writing and APA format that summarizes psychological research Once again, just a quick […]

Katherine Johnson Interview, Sept. 2017

You want my honest answer? I think they’re crazy! [laughs] I was excited. It was something new. Always like something new. It gives credit to everybody who helped. I didn’t do anything alone but try to go to the root of the question. And succeeded there. Do your best, but *like* it. Like what you […]

Interviewing for Research Projects : Research Projects: Types of Interview Questions

All right, I want to talk to you for a minute about the questioning process of the interview. Now I know that you have already prepared your ideas of the questions that you want to ask. But I want to give you just a little bit more information about preparing those questions as well as […]

CAREERS IN NANOTECHNOLOGY – Diploma,B.Sc,B.Tech,Recruitment,Research,Salary package

Hello all this is Vishwas from welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers today i will brief you the career opportunities in Nano Technology The science and technology of minute things, especially ones which are less than 10nm is known as nanotechnology. Working with structures which fall between 1 to 100nm size […]

How do I prepare for my interview? (Interviews)

How do I prepare for my interview? The best way to prepare for an interview is to know yourself, so to know your strengths, to be able to evidence them, to evidence your work experience and how it fits the role. So therefore you have got to know the company you have got to know […]

13 Study Tips: The Science of Better Learning

Our brain can potentially memorize 2.5 petabytes of information, which is roughly the equivalent of 3 million hours of YouTube videos. In order to use some of that staggering capacity a little more effectively when you learn, here are some tips that are based on widely accepted research by neuroscientists and learning experts. “Spaced Repetition” […]

007 How long to prepare for your MSL interview rounds?

Hi, welcome to our 7th episode of the Medical Sciences Liaison channel. My name is Martijn Bijker and I’m the founder of the global medical science liaison training company called from science to Pharma. And before we start make sure you subscribe to this channel to get up-to-date information in the future today our question […]