Terence McKenna Explains his Most Fundamental Concept “The Archaic Revival”

Consciousness is the domain of immediate experience How are we going to? Save this planet. How are we going to take the lethal cascade of toxic? technological and ignorance producing habits that are loose on this planet and Channel them toward some kind of a sane and livable world. Well the answer is emerging in […]

Asking STRAIGHT People Questions LGBT People Get!

Magic for Humans: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

[man] Have you ever had to block  anyone online? [both women] Yes. -Wish you could block them in real life? -[laughing] For sure. That’s what this is for. I’ll show you. Watch. Blocked! Right? Sometimes, though, blocking them isn’t enough. If the person’s super annoying, you have to… delete them. [laughing] No. I’m magician Justin […]

I’m With The Band: Nasty Cherry | Official Trailer | Netflix

-You want teach me something? -This hand on here. This foot on there. Yeah. At the same time. It’s a huge hit. Bitch! I’m Charli XCX.I’d like you to meetNasty Cherry.I wish when I was 14there was a band like Nasty Cherry.Unashamedly realand also badass. You ladies are pretty mysterious. I love the way that […]

Show Me The Job Creators!

Living in the Joy of Our Natural Being ~ Interview with Esprit Yoga Magazine

Skype Satsang with Mooji Interview with ‘Esprit Yoga Magazine’ Living in the Joy of Our Natural Being 26-01-2017 [Interviewer] Namaste. [Mooji] Namaste Celine. Very, very good. [I.] Thank you very much for agreeing to this interview. [Mooji] Yes, thank you. [I.] Thank you. [I.] So, the subject today is freedom. [Mooji] Yes. [I.] So for […]

Prank Encounters | Official Trailer | Netflix

Oh, my God. We have reason to believe that Lucius might be on the property. Oh, guys, what is that? What? What was that? -I don’t– -What was it? Down! Oh, my… You’re on Prank Encounters. Is this the kid from Stranger Things? All right, guys, let’s do this. -How are you? -Good. How are […]

Below Deck Mediterranean: Did Kasey Cohen Lie On Her Resume? (Season 3, Episode 5) | Bravo

♪ ♪ [keys clacking] – Hello. – So I’ve been googling her experience. And these companies… – Uh-huh? – I think it’s like a booze cruise. – You’re joking. – No. – I’m starting to get really frustrated because Kasey can’t do laundry; she can’t do cabins; she can’t make a Bloody Mary. How are […]

Styling Hollywood | Official Trailer | Netflix

Nothing is more glamorous than walking the red carpet.Unless you’re me!Bing!My name is Jason Bolden, Creative Director for JSN Studio,where we do interior design and celebrity styling.I’m Adair Curtis, Jason’s better half.I oversee the interior design,and while Jason is running his mouth, I’m running our business. Where do you come up with this stuff?Our clients […]