Exclusive interview with Sri Kanya TV Serial actress

Nettv4u Here is my Hearty welcome to you I am born and brought up in Kerala My entire school life and collage life was in Kerala Pathanamthitta District As all of you know this is Shabari Malai[ Mountain] There is where Ayyapan Temple is at Pathanamthitta district it is in this district was i born […]

Exclusive Interview with Chinni Jayanth Film Actor

Hi, Nettv4u viewers Here is my hearty welcome to you all You must be thinking that i am sitting differently and talking since i am at Accord Metro politian hotel, in a spa This spa belongs to Murugan my closest friend We are best friends and very good pals. Quite often i visit here And […]

Roger Taylor – rare Prague interview 1994 – Made In Heaven release

Fans of all around the world are going to get the new Queen album with last records of Freddie Mercury probably yet this year The band’s drummer Roger Taylor spoked to our reporter in Ruzyne Airport. Legendary musician and Queen drummer, Roger Taylor, has just landed in Prague. He will tomorrow get an award, Golden […]

Röyksopp / interview “The Inevitable End” album

Je m’appelle Sven Je suis Torbjørn Et nous sommes Röyksopp On a rencontré Robyn il y a quelque temps lorsque l’on a fait “The Girl And The Robot” On fonctionne vraiment bien ensemble Il y a une bonne chimie entre nous Et c’est toujours amusant de travailler avec elle Donc nous avons eu envie de […]

The Beatles on Finishing Filming A Hard Day’s Night – Interview

Q: This is Gene Loving in London; with us right now, a member of the fabulous Beatles, George Harrison. George, a lot of your fans are discovering you’re singing some of the songs that they originally thought were done by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, ’cause they always saw them singing when you made your […]

Audrey Hepburn Dutch Interview for Premiere Magazine 1959

Pros Verbruggen: I’m not a Registrar, but my first question! Where were you born? Audrey Hepburn: Here in Brussels. PV: In Brussels! AH: I’m very proud to say it. PV: You speak Dutch very well, with a bit of a Dutch accent. How is that? AH: My mother is Dutch and I lived in Holland […]

The Beatles Originals Interview 1966 (subtitled).

No,no my really it’s a happy place You know it was just went on a ride the children’s song That was the basic idea in There’s nothing more to be read into it than the There is in the loop that any children’s Sparkly you Thing Maybe what little said Well I didn’t see with […]