How to Prepare for Software Developer Interview | Land a Good Dev Job

hi guys this is Lee welcome to my channel in this video I will show you why I can perform well in the interview don’t forget to subscribe to my channel then you won’t miss my next episode before I start I wanted to give you some background about me I’ve been working as a […]

Count Triplets Hackerrank Solution | Interview Preparation Kit

Hey everyone, my name is Kanahaiya Gupta. Welcome to my YouTube channel. Today, I’m going to discuss Count Triplets hackerrank problem. But before moving ahead, make sure you have subscribed to my YouTube channel and click the bell icon so that you don’t miss any update. Let’s start. In this problem you are given an […]

Software Engineer Job Search | Networking Effectively

HOME RUN!!!, I LOVE A GOOD HOME RUN story especially when it comes to job interviewing. Now are you searching for a tech job or have you ever interviewed for a job and had no luck whatsoever for a very long time. Well I want to tell you about a story about a student of […]

How to Get Job at Microsoft | Self-taught Developer, Interview Tips

hi guys this is Lee welcome to my channel in this video I will share with you how to get a job in Microsoft as a self-taught developer if you want to see more videos about programming make sure you subscribe to the channel for more coming episodes if you follow the channel you know […]

Software Design Patterns and Principles (quick overview)

Hi, and welcome back. My name is the tech lead and I am the tech lead. Sorry this drink just takes some getting used to the aroma is just so strong. It is nauseating, really. The topic for today are software design patterns. As you get further along in your software engineering career it’s something […]

How to use Cracking the Coding Interview Effectively

What’s up everyone. Sam here from and today I’m going to show you how to make the most out of this book. So how do we use Cracking the Coding Interview most effectively? And maybe a good question to ask now is, why do we really need a video on how to use Cracking […]

ASP.NET and .NET Interview question video :- What is Authentication and Authorization ?

This is the most asked question the most simple question with a very simple answer Now the expectation of the interviewer here is that do you understand the importance on the difference between these two vocabulary that is Authentication and Authorization the interviewer wants you understand that do you know that what are the different […]

C# (Csharp) interview questions What is the difference between convert.tostring and tostring ()

Now this is the very fundamental question what is the difference between convert.tostring and tostring function now is question is fundamental the answer is simple but many of the developers are not aware of the difference so basically developers use both of these functions interchangeably without going of the differences now the basic difference between […]

.NET C# Interview questions and answers :- What is Garbage Collector, Gen 0, 1 & 2?

Lets start with Garbage collector video series In this video series we have two videos The first video which talks about what is garbage collector What is the concept of generation i.e generation 0, generation 1 and generation 2 In the second video we will try to understand by using distructors in the class we […]

Preparation of python interview questions and answers | interview tips

Interview Preparation in Python Common Interview Question & Answer