Cindy Sherman, Transformations: The Making of a Documentary

– My name is Eduardo Marti. I am the president of this college and I am delighted that we are entering probably our fifth or sixth year of The Presidential Lecture Series. The Presidential Lecture Series were devised in order for us to bring some of the academic community in contact with our own academic […]

U.S. will not give up on negotiations with N. Korea: Biegun

as part of efforts to revive diplomacy with North Korea the Trump administration’s point map for North Korea Stephen Meighan is in Seoul to discuss ways to restart the long-stalled nuclear talks with Pyongyang and hopefully achieve lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula for more we go live to our foreign ministry correspondent kim min-ji […]

U.S. will not tolerate more ‘ill-advised’ behavior from N. Korea: Senior U.S. official

now top US official has warned North Korea against taking any ill-advised action amid the regime’s threats to resume nuclear and long-range missile tests us Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific affairs David Stillwell made the remarks Thursday during a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington he […]

Catch-Up On The Season Premiere Of EMPIRE | Season 3 Ep. 1 | EMPIRE

I can’t wait! Leave me alone! -Hakeem– Shut up! Bring your ass back here. Look at all these damn people out here. Any one of them could be feds. And so you know what? Keep my mama at home. Make sure she’s comfortable, and call me. OK? [inaudible]. Come on. OK, where’s Andre? [screaming] No! […]

Introduction: Crash Course U.S. Government and Politics

Hi, I’m Craig. I’m not John Green, but I do have patches on my elbows, so I seem smart. And this is Crash Course Government and Politics, a new show, hurray! Why are fireworks legal or illegal? We might find out. Will we find out Stan? Anyway, I have a question for you. Have you […]

N. Korea says it rebuffed U.S. offer to resume nuclear talks next month

North Korea says it’s willing to resume working-level talks with the US on its nuclear program as long as Washington comes forward with a fundamental solution Hong Yu has more North Korea revealed on Thursday that the US has offered to resume nuclear negotiations in December but the regime turned the offer down say it […]

President Moon Jae-in, leaders of 5 political parties agree on need to resume regular meetings

now president moon jaein and the heads of south korea’s five major political parties have agreed on the Yee to resume a key regular meeting to discuss major political issues during a three-hour dinner at the president’s official residence Sunday president moon strongly urge that they got together on a regular basis the ruling party […]

Andrew Yang Talks Universal Basic Income, Climate Change, With Undecided Voters | Off Script | NPR

NOEL KING: All right, everyone. Hello and welcome to Off Script, NPR’s series of conversations between 2020 Democratic candidates and undecided voters from across the country. I’m Noel King. And today, we are in New York City with Andrew Yang, who is an entrepreneur and presidential hopeful. Thank you so much for being here. ANDREW […]