Reviving the American Dream with Raj Chetty

Like many immigrants, my parents came to the United States in search of the American Dream. The American Dream as you all know is a complicated multi faceted concept that means different things to different people. But one key aspect of it is the idea that if a child works hard they can make a […]

Rich And Poor People Seek To Understand Each Other

You know I have an obsession, basically with power, and money is power, and you don’t have a platform without that — – And then he calls us when he wants to commit suicide. (Laughter) You’re gonna get , you’re gonna get worn out. I’ll tell you that’s a dangerous place — — Thank you […]

Homeless Woman’s 3rd Invisible People Interview in 2 Years; Los Angeles Why Is Arien Still Homeless?

Federico Pistono – Robots Will Steal Your Job, but That’s OK – TedxVienna

TEDx Vienna. X=independently organized TED event Hello everyone. Hi, welcome. How are you doing today? Good? Yeah? It’s a wonderful day, isn’t it? Well, let me fix that for you. I’ll talk about jobs. Can I have please a quick show of hands? Raise your hand if you either work or know somebody close to […]

Los Angeles Homeless Woman Shows How She Lives in a Tent

DPRK: The Land Of Whispers (North Korea Travel Documentary) (2013)

North Korea is sometimes called the land of whispers; people don’t say things out in the open. They generally whisper to each other and then quickly walk away! It’s one of the most secretive places on Earth, it’s one of the most isolated countries on Earth, and as a visitor you much experience the same […]

The Boy Crisis: A Sobering look at the State of our Boys | Warren Farrell Ph.D. | TEDxMarin

Translator: Mohand Habchi Reviewer: Queenie Lee Let me check with you first. Raise your hand, please, if you have a son, a grandson or a nephew. Please raise your hand? All right. Keep your hand raised, please, if your son, grandson or nephew is having problems either with motivation, grades, ADHD or addiction to video […]