Exclusive Interview with Sam Pinto in Baler

Guys, we’re here about 20 minutes outside of Sabang, at a little place called Reserva. I believe it’s called that because it’s reserved for the indigenous people – the Aetas people. We’re here with Sam Pinto. She can actually talk a little bit about her Resort – the name – cuz I probably won’t pronounce […]

2019 Fiance(e) or K1 Visa most frequently asked questions during interview

hi this is Jemaiah Jayne welcome back to my channel today we will be talking about frequently asked questions for k1 or fiancee visa interview first of all I would like to congratulate you for making it this far after all the long process of the petition and fiancee visa process and now you’re here […]

Things NOT to Include in Your Resume (with subtitles)

In this video we’ll talk about tips on constructing your resume or your CV for that job you’re planning to apply for. Hey guys it’s Aura. Welcome to my channel. Okay before anything else I want you guys to take a look at this old resume of mine If your current resume is somewhat similar […]