David Hockney Interview: Photoshop is Boring

(Louisiana channel – David Hockney: Photoshop is boring) [David Hockney] The invention of photography was an invention of chemicals and in a way, chemical photography is now ended. It lasted – what? – 160 years. Now, nobody thought chemical photography would end. Nobody predicts that, do they? It ended – it certainly has ended now. […]

Assistant Professor’s Video Resume – Kalaiarasan M

Hi. I’m Kalaiarasan M, I’m a master graduate in electronics engineering. From June 2015 to May 2016, I served as Assistant Professor in AVS Engineering College. In that period, I took classes in the basis of reverse engineering on signals and systems, Electromagnetic Fields and VLSI Design. I took seminar on the topic of “How […]

Something About Smash Bros WORLD OF LIGHT ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) 🌌

HIYA!! MMMM’M TORYAA!! TEIGHT! COME ON! We each need to take about 10. NAH YO. Hold my poodle! HOLD MY POODLE. Ay yo whatsup ya’ll got a problem?? (Incoherent Screaming) You all want some of this?? Poyo! ..Something horrible just happened.. COLORS WEAVE INTO A SPIRE OF FLAME- poyo Po-Poyo! It’sa me, YAHOO! Wow! The […]

Elite Resume/CV template – Microsoft Word & Photoshop formats [DOWNLOAD]

hey guys my name is Tanzeel and I’m a Graphic & Web Designer today I’m here with an awesome CV template you can download this template and download link is given in description let’s see how we can edit that template according to your content. First of all how you can edit the text if […]

Resume / CV how to edit and use? – Photoshop and Microsoft Word

Hello and welcome today we’re going to look how we can use and edit this resume or CV whatever you want to call it this is a template we got it from envato market on graphicriver it’s made by profive link are in the description, a good-looking cv is very important for all of us […]