Photographers in Focus: David LaChapelle

The only way to sort your thoughts out is to really turn off everything and not be distracted and be away from your friends, and your boyfriend and your girlfriend, and your parents And as an artist you’re faced with questions What are you going to give the world? And not, what are you going […]

Pantyhose Art INTERVIEW with LERA DOPIRCHUK (1 JUL 2018) RUSSIAN with CC

– Lera, hi! – Hi ! – see me? hear me? – yeah, all fine! this is my assistant Olga, she’s to shoot the video I’m happy to see you and to meet you. – I’m happy too. we wanted to talk about your work, shortly. Tell about yourself. Who are you? What you do? […]

SVA NYC Features Frank Ockenfels 3

[INTERVIEW] Jonas Cuénin – Portraits de stars

I like shooting portraits because I really like the exclusive relationship you have with a single person. When living in New York, Jonas photographed Omar Sy, Carole Bouquet, Lambert Wilson, Claude Lelouche, Tahar Rahim and many more. He shares with us what it’s like to shoot such charismatic personalities. A good portrait photographer is someone […]

David Hockney Interview: Photoshop is Boring

(Louisiana channel – David Hockney: Photoshop is boring) [David Hockney] The invention of photography was an invention of chemicals and in a way, chemical photography is now ended. It lasted – what? – 160 years. Now, nobody thought chemical photography would end. Nobody predicts that, do they? It ended – it certainly has ended now. […]

Guide to Photography : How to Make a Photography Resume

My name is Anthony Maddaloni and I am going to be talking about how to create a photographer’s resume. So one of the things that you want to do as a photographer in a resume is highlight your experience. Sometimes I craft different resumes to different jobs I am applying for. Fortunately for me almost […]

Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model. | Cameron Russell

Translator: Joseph Geni Reviewer: Morton Bast Hi. My name is Cameron Russell, and for the last little while, I’ve been a model. Actually, for 10 years. And I feel like there’s an uncomfortable tension in the room right now because I should not have worn this dress. (Laughter) So luckily, I brought an outfit change. […]

Scot’s Resume and Diverse Skill Set

I’m Scot Guariglia. In the early eighties I worked for Caterpillar Tractor Company first as a final inspector for two years progressing to research and development for another six in the instrument lab. I also work out in the field. Years at the proving grounds involved the application of strain gages to determine stress levels […]

Fashion Modeling Tips : How to Make a Fashion Modeling Resume

Hello, my name is Shalon Delgado and I’m here on behalf of Expert Village to talk to you today about modeling. One of the topics I’d like to speak with you about is a resume. As you know it’s very important to have a resume in any job market, especially in the modeling industry. It’s […]