Tyra Banks | Interview | TimesTalks

mmm mmm hi I wanted to hold this up because this is the cover I don’t abuse the obscene this is the cover the New York Times Magazine with tire on the cover it’s one of my very favorite covers about time even on stories I haven’t worked on so I just wanted to showcase […]

House of Cards | Interview | TimesTalks

mmm mmm let me ask you to i mean i you mentioned before that you spend time with congressman McCarthy and I’m order II summit meetings were off the record as far as what they told you but but I’m wondering if there is any through overriding advice that I gave you are or or […]

Ai Weiwei | Interview | TimesTalks

mmm mmm 0 bro hello hello out thank you very much for joining us a we we appreciate a good morning there I know um I let me i i kno u we only have about 10 minutes with you so let me just say start out by ask you about something you said in […]

Quentin Tarantino | Interview | TimesTalks

mem mmm mmm that’s what I call in New York welcome thank you I want to thank you all for coming you’re really in for a fantastic treat because quindlin the great human beings on the planet so I always I was very lucky to have met him when he head done only Reservoir Dogs […]