“Audition Room” Full Sketch | Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show | Netflix Is A Joke

(people chatting in distance) – Hi, yo, what up, fellas? (hands slapping) (laughing) I’m loving how many black people are in here. Aw man, you know a few years ago, this cast room was all white. – Oh, it feels so good to finally audition for a show with all black writers. – Yes. – […]

Beck & Tori’s Relationship Timeline! 💖 Victorious | Nick Rewind

Here’s the full story of Beck and Tori. Tori and Beck instantly connected on Tori’s first day at Hollywood Arts. Head… feels dizzy. I know what’ll make you feel better. Jumping Jacks? Kiss me. Let’s do it. Man, I love this school. But Beck and Jade were already dating. So… just friends it is. Tori […]

Chance the Rapper Gets QUIZZED by Nick Cannon on ‘Drumline’ | Billboard

– Somebody need to give that brotha a shot of Cognac or somethin. – Jack or somethin! – (laughs) – I’ll tell you who that was! – (continues laughing) – That’s the bus driver talking to the people riding the bus, they’s talkin about Doctor Lee being stuck up. – ‘Cause he been spankin that […]

Priyanka Chopra Jonas Opens Up About Intimate Three-Day Wedding to Nick Jonas

I see you. Well, no, no. You asked for this. It’s not me. You said you wanted a shot of tequila every time you’re here. I do need tequila every time I’m here. That’s true. All right, so? Congratulations. Thank you. Happy birthday, Ellen. Congratulations to you, is what I say. Thank you. [CHEERING] So […]