New Look At Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Island | TODAY

30.10.2019: USD to gain bullish momentum (USDХ, USD/CAD)

The US dollar index is falling while the volatility of major currencies has declined to a 3-month low. Meanwhile, the Canadian dollar weakened following the announcement of the Bank of Canada interest rate decision. Now traders are waiting for the results of the FOMC meeting. In fact, the outcome of this meeting is quite predictable, […]

Sondland Confirms Quid Pro Quo In Updated Testimony | Deadline | MSNBC

Why Call Center Jobs Will Disappear

Around the world, businesses field hundreds of billions of requests from us each year. We want our flights changed, a purchase refunded, a claim reviewed. That takes the labor of millions of agents who tend to our every need. But soon, automation will take over much of that, and it starts with the painstaking work […]

Civilian tours to southern side of Joint Security Area resume

Last October, tours to the Joint Security Area were halted for a while because of joint projects between the two Koreas. But now they’re back on, and tourists say now the vibe is different. Our Kim Ji-yeon went to check it out. A tourist destination that had attracted millions of people a year from all […]

Kelly Clarkson Set ‘Invincible’ Residency in Las Vegas | Billboard News

– I have a major announcement to make today. I’ve scored my very own residency in Las Vegas. – No, your ears didn’t deceive you. It’s great news. Kelly Clarkson is headed to Vegas to kick off her very own residency, Kelly Clarkson Invisible, for an extended run at Zappos Theater inside Planet Hollywood. ♪ […]

Prison Economy Spirals As Price Of Pack Of Cigarettes Surpasses Two Hand Jobs

Captions by . . . . . . . . . . . . . If you haven’t felt the pinch yet, you will soon. As of today, the average cost of a pack of cigarettes has gone up to 2 handjobs and a stick of beef jerky. For more, we’re going on to […]

A Conversation With Native Americans on Race | Op-Docs

I’m Apache, but really that’s the government’s name, because they can’t say “Dził Łigai N’dee.” They will tell me how awesome they think it is that I’ve decided to be a part of my culture. And it’s funny to me. It hits me really weird, and I don’t like it. And I didn’t know why […]