U.S. officials preparing for possible missile test by N. Korea: NYT

meanwhile US officials are reportedly preparing for that possible missile test by North Korea the New York Times reported Saturday that the Trump administration anticipates that the regime will test in the coming days an ICBM capable of reaching the US mainland sources told the Times that if the North does resume its missile tests […]

Cindy Sherman, Transformations: The Making of a Documentary

– My name is Eduardo Marti. I am the president of this college and I am delighted that we are entering probably our fifth or sixth year of The Presidential Lecture Series. The Presidential Lecture Series were devised in order for us to bring some of the academic community in contact with our own academic […]

Eminem – Revival (album commercial #2) Don’t miss your chance to blow!

Change the way you approach your day and ask someone you trust if Revival is right for you. Revival in no way effects sweaty palms, weak knees or heavy arms. Get Revival. Don’t miss your chance to blow.

Kate Orff: Reviving New York’s rivers — with oysters!

I am passionate about the American landscape and how the physical form of the land, from the great Central Valley of California to the bedrock of Manhattan, has really shaped our history and our character. But one thing is clear. In the last 100 years alone, our country — and this is a sprawl map […]

Atatürk Summarizes the Turkish Revolution | Atatürk’ün Ağzından Türk Devrimi Özeti

A ruined country by a precipice… Bloody battles with diverse enemies… Wars lasting years… Then, commanding respect both at home and abroad, a new homeland, a new society, a new government! (Applause) And unremitting reforms to succeed in all of these… This is the overall Turkish revolution.

The World’s Wildest Rapper | Gangsta Rap International – Poland

The police were looking for me in every country. I was wanted by police and at the same time, I became a star.I’ll buy a gun and a black track suit.I don’t look for inspiration from nobody. This shit comes from cocaine, from alcohol.F**k FBI and CBŚ. (Polish investigative bureau)F**k pigs.Those f**king pigs will never […]

SPARK TV: MOONSPELL – new EP (interview with Fernando Ribeiro)

Jennifer Lopez Gave Up Carbs & Sugar to Prep for Her Role as a Stripper

You still must be exhausted from Sunday night. I am. Yeah, I am. Just the whole, like, ramp up to it was like, oh, god. Yeah. Yeah. But it was great. It was great. It was a lot of– A-Rod looked like he was– he looked like he had never seen a rehearsal of that. […]

Exclusive Interview With Viji Director & Dialog writer talks about his experience

I am Viji. Hello Nettv4u viewers. I wrote dialogue for 36 Vayathinilae. Before that I directed Velli Thirai, Alli Thanta Vaanam I have worked in so many films like Majaa, Azhagiya Theeyae, Bala, Mayavi, Mozhi My native is Movanchery village near Papanasam which next to Uttamanathan U.V.Swaminathan Aiyar’s native place I did my schooling in […]

8 Best DIY Food Hacks #2 Plus A New Pancake Art Challenge You Need To Know How To Do