How to Ace a Second Interview | Job Hunting

The second interview is really important because in the first interview they’ve gotten to know you and now they’re calling you in again because they think that you’re a potential candidate. But chances are, you’re probably up against someone who is equally qualified, someone who they’re considering to be on par with you so now […]

How to Prepare for an Interview | Job Hunting

One of the most important things you can do in preparing for an interview is, if it’s at all possible, find out who is actually interviewing you. Who’s conducting the interview? And then what you want to do is go on LinkedIn and find out as much information about them as possible, so that as […]

How to Write a Resume | Job Hunting

How to write a resume. This is one of the most frequently asked questions I get. The thing that you need to do is be very specific in what you’re offering up on this resume, and it has to be very much targeted to the company you’re applying for. You have one page of prime […]

How to Write a Chronological Resume | Job Hunting

“The chronological resume is your traditional resume. What essentially it does is, by date highlights all the work experience that you has. One of the things I do not care if it is a functional resume or chronological resume, as much as possible, you want to ensure that you are only listing work experience, skills […]

#CareersAndCoffee with Andrew LaCivita | Best Advice for Starting a New Job

Hey Everybody! It’s Andy! Happy Tuesday morning careers in coffee time thanks for joining me thanks for joining me I love these Tuesday morning time slots want you to know I am flying solo today so I may have to be doing a little talking and glancing and talking and glancing but I’m gonna do […]

How To Explain That Gap On Your Resume | Fast Company

(upbeat music) – [Announcer] Gaps in the resume happen, sharing them with a potential employer, however, can feel intimidating. So here are four tips on how the approach this conversation. Number one, be upfront. Whatever the reason for an employment gap, take five to 10 words to explain it on your resume. Otherwise the hiring […]

My Last Day of Work | 3 Mistakes People Make When Applying For a Graphic Design Job

Today is my last day of work And I realized I’ve never actually mentioned to you guys what exactly it is that I do for work Today is my last day as a graphic designer/animator at a small Social Media and PR firm so basically I make uh Facebook Twitter Instagram Content for different sorts […]

Get the Right Resume for Your Career Change!

Hey, everyone! Adam with Johnson & hill Staffing. Today, we’re talking a little bit about career change resumes. Maybe you have been working in a super hardcore career for many years and now you still want to keep working but it’s time to step away from that and take something a little bit more of […]