I Am Not Okay With This Sneak Peek! (7 min – Watch Free) | Netflix | Now Streaming

Dear diary… go fuck yourself. Just kidding. I don’t know what to write in this stupid thing. Anyway, hi. My name is Sydney. I’m a boring 17-year-old white girl. I’m not special, is what I’m trying to say. And I’m okay with that. We moved to Pennsylvania two years ago. And not like a cute […]

The Making of Ragnarok: Ep 6 | The Premiere of Ragnarok

We’re sneaking a peek. -Hey, beautiful! -Hello. -You’re so handsome. Mashallah! -Thank you. Jesus fucking Christ! Today? I think we’re doing… It’s promo stuff for social media, I think. -Want some moisturizer? -Yeah. …each other, how was it back then? Alright, so, sound please. -You were so cute! -Oh, look at that cutie pie. I […]

Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker | Official Trailer | Netflix

It’s time to tell my story. Seems like I was born to struggle. After a while, I guess I just lost hope. That’s when my hair started falling out. I’m gonna help you. My hair grew back, and so did my confidence. Maybe I could sell your product. I don’t think sales is for you. […]

Feel Good | Official Trailer | Netflix

Are you ready for the next act? That girl’s here again. Please give it up for Mae Martin! Hi, guys. I’m from Canada. I came over in a canoe recently with Celine Dion. -Hi… hi. Hi. -Hi. I’ve never been on a date with a girl before. -Do you like films? -Do you want to […]

I Am Not Okay With This | Official Trailer | Netflix | February 26

Dear diary… go fuck yourself. My name is Sydney. I’m a boring 17-year-old white girl. I’m not special. Might help with your moods. I keep losing my temper. I don’t want to, but it just spills out. -Hey, Syd. -Hey. Stanley Barber. He lives down the street from me. Shoes, who needs them? My best […]

BoJack Horseman is Beautiful and Traumatizing | Netflix

What is acting?Acting is about leaving everything behind…and becoming something completely new.Let’s start at the beginning. What was your childhood like?You ruined me, BoJack. You better grow up to be something great to make up for all the damage you’ve done. Normal childhood. And then just get right into the “being famous” part.Hollywood’s a real […]

DIY Challenge: Egg Carton Desk Organizers 🥚 Maker Masters | Netflix Futures

We have 10 minutes! – Yeah, we have the time to do that, we just gotta go quick. – Can I keep it? You broke it! – We can tape it down. Watch, just throw some glue down there. – This is not gonna go well and I already know. What’s up, I’m Isaiah Russell-Bailey. […]

How America Is Causing Global Obesity | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

This is our last episode of the year. And I just wanted to say, “Merry Christmas.” You can say it back to me, it’s okay. It’s totally cool. Thank you, yes. We celebrate Muslim Christmas at home. I’m serious, we got the tree and everything. My baby daughter, she saw the tree. She’s like, “Dada… […]

The Degenerates Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Not now, Dad! Oh, my God. Buckle up, white bitch, I’m about to take you on a negro field trip. I can’t stand it when you cum in my mouth, and then you stop watching my Instagram story the next day. Why’d you drop off? There are people who believe the earth is flat. The […]

Showrunner Lauren Hissrich Explains the World of The Witcher

(intense music) – [Man] I remember hearing stories about Witchers. Is it true what they say? – I’m gonna bring showrunner out, Lauren Hissrich, and star of the show Freya Allen, please give them a very warm round of applause, go for it, here they come! (crowd cheers) – I had read the book The […]