First 8 Minutes of Green Eggs and Ham (Sneak Peek!) 🍳 Netflix Futures

[owl hooting] [narrator] Just east of North Westville and south of Goo-bai, a town known as Glurfsburg might catch your eye. Our story starts here. Who knows what’s in store? It begins with a kite, and then… Woo-hoo-hoo! -[narrator] Shut the front door! -Whoa! [narrator] That is a… That’s a ninja! This is Dr. Seuss, […]

DIY Challenge: Tissue Box Phone Holders 📱 Maker Masters | Netflix Futures

(upbeat music) – Okay, wait, you’re smooshing it. – Okay. (screaming) – Okay. (screaming) – Scissors, scissors, scissors! – Hi guys, I’m Talia Jackson and this is. – Merit Leighton. – I’m Anjelika Washington. – And I’m Ava Michelle. – And we’re playing Maker Masters. – Where two teams race the clock to create DIY […]

Invent Your Way Out! 🛠️ Green Eggs and Ham | Netflix

[grunts] [grunts] Attach the Wimble to the Wumph Joint. Puts a Flurm bolt on a Zilzonator. Stupid son of a Yip! Whoa! Guy! Hurry! [Guy] Almost done! And I’ll need a bruckle to start it up. -Hmm. About that… -What? I may have spent our last bruckle. Well, find one! Oh! One bruckle… Hup! Coming […]

GREEN FOOD Challenge 😝Green Eggs and Ham Premiere | Netflix

– Hey! I’m Cameron J. Wright. – I’m Isaiah Russell-Bailey. – And today we are at the Green Eggs and Ham Premiere. We’re going to give you a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to be at a premiere. – All right let’s go. – Let’s go. (Upbeat music) – Finally some people […]

Green Eggs and Ham 🍳 Chickeraffe Disaster! | Netflix

[narrator] When last we left Guy, he’d lost all his hope. And burnt his briefcase at the end of his rope. Then a noise, and he grabbed it. -There was something inside! -[whimpering] [narrator] A wild, scary beast! And nowhere to hide! This is it. I’m done for. I’ve lived my last day! [narrator] Oh, […]

How to Care for a MONSTER Pet 🦍The Last Kids on Earth | Netflix

[roaring] [June] The Last Kids on Earth, Apocalyptic Survival Guide. [grunts] [camera shutter clicking] [Jack] How to care for your monster pet. A pet like Rover. [exclaims] I know that doesn’t sound like apocalyptic survival advice, but Rover can be really helpful. -[muffled straining] -[screams] [Jack] Having a monster pet around can be the difference […]

Gadget Guide 🏹 The Last Kids on Earth | Netflix

[roaring] [June] The Last Kids on Earth, Apocalyptic Survival Guide. [grunts] [camera shutter clicking] [Dirk] Gadgets! In a monster-zombie apocalypse, some of these amazing gadgets… Oh! [groaning] Could save your life. Like the Bottle Rocket Launcher. Simply pick your favorite color, point, and fire! -[roaring] -[screaming] Or, uh, this one works every time! The Boom-erang […]