John Mulaney Received The Call That Dave Chappelle Went Missing | Netflix Is A Joke

– Hi, I’m John Mulaney and this is how I got started. (fast-cooking jazz horns) So when I was growing up, there were 1,000 million comedians on TV all the time. The first comedian I ever saw was a guy named Dennis Wolfberg, who was a Chicago-based comedian, he was on cable. I liked The […]

John Mulaney & Jerry Seinfeld Compare The News To Star Wars | Netflix Is A Joke

(jazz piano music) – I’m not old yet, but I’m, there’s a phase before old called gross. And I, like, talk through burps. Which I never did when I was a kid. (laughs) You know, you’re like, “Did you say you were going to, “you’re going to Italy, ’cause we haven’t traveled in.” It’s crazy. […]

Ronny Chieng Is Baffled By Certain States’ Mottos | Netflix Is A Joke

– Right, like the state motto of an east coast state, like the state motto of New Hampshire is, “Live Free or Die!” (audience laughter) That’s a very intense state motto. All right, if you’re from New Hampshire, and you’re living there, at some point, you have to start questioning. Like how far do we […]

Dave Chappelle Learned The Care Bear Stare | Netflix Is A Joke

– How old are you young man? You. – [Man In Crowd] 24. – 24? You don’t know shit. (audience laughing) You don’t know shit! You gotta Google shit that I’ve lived through. (audience laughing) See this is why I lock mother fuckers phones up, seriously. Cause the young kids, you guys look, you need […]

Scrooge Encounters A Cyborg From Christmas In 3050 | Netflix Is A Joke

– [Man] We now return to the Channel 20 Christmas classic, “The Night Scrooge Saved Christmas.” (patting pajamas) (grunts) (dramatic music) – Oh! It’s Christmas! (ripping wall) (roars) Who are you? – I am the ghost of Christmas way future. – I’ve already met the ghost of Christmas future. – I said way future, Scrooge! […]

Ronny Chieng Saw A Man Fight A NYC Subway Train | Netflix Is A Joke

– New York City is the only city I’ve lived in where people fight subway trains and win. (audience laughing) Like, any other city on the planet, when the train doors start to close, (beeping) that means that train is departed. Okay, you’re supposed to shut up and wait patiently for the next train. Oh, […]

Jerah Milligan Wrote “Reparations” Based Off A Real Club Experience | Netflix Is A Joke

(beep) – “Reparations” is a sketch, oh I wrote that sketch. – Yeah I was like, “Yeah you wrote it!” – Sorry. (upbeat music) (typing sound) – It’s time to get lit! (sirens) Shout out to all the single ladies in the house. All the fellas with a good job, and to the black folk […]

Children Wreak Havoc On A Gingerbread Family | Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show | Netflix Is A Joke

(light holiday music) – Open it! – Okay, a gift. – Come on, come on. – (gasps) Chocolate! (laughing) (excited yelling) – We could use this for the roof. – Oh, yes! – You shouldn’t have. – Momma, Papa, we have an announcement. – [Both] We’re pregnant! (excited gasping) – Our baby’s having a baby! […]

Jo Koy Spoils His Son With Presents | Netflix Is A Joke

– He’s got it so good, and I gotta stop spoiling him. I spoil him too much. It sucks. The reason why I spoil him is ’cause I didn’t have shit when I was a kid. We were broke as shit. And now that I can afford it, I’m buying everything. And yes, it’s for […]

Joe Mande Almost Ruined Hanukkah | Netflix Is A Joke

– My dad retired recently, that’s very weird. He’s become a totally different person. He’s like, really softened, he’s become very sentimental, he’s like, a total pussy and… (audience laughs) Like, I don’t know how to handle that energy at all. I was home for Thanksgiving a couple years ago and we were watching football […]