Adam DeVine Destroyed A Million Dollar Check On Christmas | Netflix Is A Joke

– My friends are stupid, too. My friends always ask me dumb questions. My one buddy comes up to me and he’s like, “Bro, bro, seriously. “Would you suck a dick for a million dollars?” And I’m like, why do you know someone? (laughing) A million dollars? That’s such an insane question. First of all […]

John Mulaney And The Sack Lunch Bunch | Official Promo | Netflix Is A Joke

(tape clacking) (lively soul music) – Do do do do do. (lively soul music) – No, thank you though, thank you, no. (drum roll) (cymbals crashing) – Guess what, kids? You got the part. – [Children Together] Yay! – I made a children’s musical special. (lively soul music) (upbeat music)

Jo Koy Reveals How To Tell Asians Apart | Netflix Is A Joke

– And we look, I look out into the crowd, you can’t tell us apart, you can’t. You know how many Mexicans my mom walks up to and goes, “Filipino?” (audience laughs) Mexican! Sorry, sorry! (audience laughs) Sorry. Sorry. There’s a way you can tell Asians apart from other Asians! It’s by their accent, and […]

Katt Williams Is Your Pimp Substitute Teacher | Netflix Is A Joke

[school bell rings] Oh, man, I heard we have a substitute teacher today. Yeah, but it’s probably gonna be lame. Greetings and salutations. [students] Katt Williams? Okay, settle down, children. I said, settle down, children. I am Katt Williams. I’ll be your substitute English teacher today, okay? Wow. [student] Whoa, he permed out. But Katt, […]

Nikki Glaser Invents A Holiday Sex Position | Netflix Is A Joke

– I asked my friend the other day, I’m like, “What do you do for foreplay “when you hook-up with a girl?” And he’s like, “I don’t know, I really like fucking on the couch. “I think that’s pretty cool.” (audience laughing) That’s what they think. They think as long as it’s out of the […]

How To Fake Your Way Through Astronomy Class | Netflix Is A Joke

– Hi, we’re Astronomy Club, and today, we’re gonna teach you about astronomy. (bright orchestral music) All right, so somebody pick something out the hat. – Galileo Galilei. – Come on, now. ♪ Galileo ♪ – Everyone knows about Galileo Galilei, or as we like to call double G. (group chatting) Well, everyone knows that […]

Chris Lilley’s Best Bloopers | Lunatics | Netflix Is A Joke

(inhales) – You going- (both laugh) Shit there’s so much build up. (loud snare drum roll) (upbeat music) – We’re identical twins. Well, no, we’re not. – No. (both laugh) – Okay, we’ll start again. We’re identical twin sis- No! (laughs) Shit. (both laugh) Okay, we’ll start again. – You alright? – I’m a gay […]

“Audition Room” Full Sketch | Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show | Netflix Is A Joke

(people chatting in distance) – Hi, yo, what up, fellas? (hands slapping) (laughing) I’m loving how many black people are in here. Aw man, you know a few years ago, this cast room was all white. – Oh, it feels so good to finally audition for a show with all black writers. – Yes. – […]

Tiffany Haddish Partied Too Hard In Miami | Netflix Is A Joke

– Anybody got that one friend? That one friend that can motivate you to do shit you ain’t got no damn business doing. That friend that can make you move into doing things you know you gonna go to jail for. You ever see that movie Pinocchio? And then when Pinocchio was trying to go […]

Astronomy Club Finds Out They Have A Netflix Show | Netflix Is A Joke

So it’s called “Edward Scissorhands.” – Yeah. – Okay. [phone ringing] Astronomy Club. Uh-huh. Yeah? M’hm. Yeah? – [gasps] – Oh! Yeah. – Aww. – Oh. Okay. Alright, playboy. I’ll see ya. We got a show. Netflix show! – Netflix show! – Hey, everybody! Wait. Just remember, we can’t let this change us. – Yeah. […]