How to Negotiate Your Salary in a Job Interview | Preparing for A Job Interview | Salary Negotiation

Negotiating your salary. There’s a lot at stake here, it’s not just about this job and this year: your pay for the rest of the time at this organization will be based on how you negotiate your salary as you take your first position. But negotiating your salary can be awkward and uncomfortable. Today we’re […]

Job Interview tips #5 How to Answer the Interview Question How Much will You Cost

Hey there, hope you’re doing well. So one of the most popular videos that I have is actually a series of five fifteen minute videos that take an hour and fifteen minutes to watch that talk about the five interview questions that you really need to be able to answer to be fully prepared for […]

How To Negotiate Salary Offer For New Job – 6 Salary Negotiation Techniques

Are you wondering how to negotiate your salary for a new job? Do you need some salary negotiation techniques that will help you get your ideal compensation? If so stay tuned because in this video, I’m going to share with you some tips that will help you get the compensation you deserve and if you […]

How to Negotiate Salary After Job Offer

I’m super excited about this lesson. We’re going to talk about negotiating your salary. Who doesn’t love negotiating their salary? I don’t know if I’ve met anybody who actually enjoys this part of the process, because as exciting as it is, it’s confusing. I get you don’t do this for a living. You don’t do […]