Jalebi | Official Trailer | Rhea | Varun | Digangana | Pushpdeep Bhardwaj | 12th Oct

“You’re the one that lights up my world.” ‘That love is out of the world…’ “You make my nights and dawn.” ‘Those who are never supposed to be together.’ The heart of Old Delhi, which is the mansion of Netaji… …and its heart still beats…with our breath. If you’re really in love with Delhi then […]

Marriage Story | Official Trailer | Netflix

What I love about Nicole. She is a mother who plays, really plays. What I love about Charlie. He loves being a dad. He loves the things you’re supposed to hate, like waking up at night. She knows when to push me, when to leave me alone. He never lets other people keep him from […]

The Irishman | Official Trailer | Netflix

Frank… Sheeran.-Am I saying that right? -Yeah, you said it right.Under the contract…management can only fire a driver on very specific charges. So… Do you ever show up late? -No. -Do you have any moving violations? -No. -Do you drink on the job? -No. -Do you ever hit anybody? -On the job? -Yeah. I don’t […]

The Irishman | Official Teaser

Hello? Hi, my friend. I got that kid I was talking to you about here. I’m gonna put him on the phone, let you talk to him, okay? Hello? -Is that Frank? -Yes. Hiya, Frank. This is Jimmy Hoffa. Glad to meet you. Glad to meet you, too, even if it’s over the phone. Our […]

Dolemite Is My Name | Official Trailer | Netflix

It’s showtime, y’all. You love him and I love him. Put your hands together. Dolemite is my name! Dolemite. Auntie, I was thinking about putting out -a comedy record. -Comedy? You been a singer, a Shake dancer… It’s real hard to break in. I’ll do whatever it takes to get in. I come up with […]