Ashley Graham Gave Guests Tattoos and Piercings at Her Coed Baby Shower

-Hi, baby! -It’s a lot harder to sit on these chairs now. -Oh, my God. -Oh! -How adorable. Oh, my gosh. How are you feeling? How’s it going? -I am feeling large and in charge. -Okay, that’s good. That’s great. -It’s like a sci-fi film every day. There’s, like, a little alien taking over my […]

Pantyhose Art INTERVIEW with LERA DOPIRCHUK (1 JUL 2018) RUSSIAN with CC

– Lera, hi! – Hi ! – see me? hear me? – yeah, all fine! this is my assistant Olga, she’s to shoot the video I’m happy to see you and to meet you. – I’m happy too. we wanted to talk about your work, shortly. Tell about yourself. Who are you? What you do? […]

Model Agency Interview – What Do Modeling Agencies Look For?

hey guys what’s up its Daniel in here from DLM model lifestyle now a lot of you have asked how do I know that I can be a model so today I’m here in Cape Town South Africa with contact models and I’m here with my boss I’m working with Gavin here in Cape Town […]

Fashion Modeling Tips : How to Make a Fashion Modeling Resume

Hello, my name is Shalon Delgado and I’m here on behalf of Expert Village to talk to you today about modeling. One of the topics I’d like to speak with you about is a resume. As you know it’s very important to have a resume in any job market, especially in the modeling industry. It’s […]

Acting Resume | influencer Laurence Evans |

What’s up guys? Today I wanted to talk to you about acting resumes. You definitely need one of these to get into the show business. I’ll show you guys how to create one. If you have no experience, if you already have experience, I can show you guys how to reorganize this just so we […]