How These ‘Entitled’ Millennials Want Jobs That ‘Pay’

D: Hey, everyone. Thanks for joining me for this really weird video. I already don’t know how we’re going to title it. D: It’s gonna be like an interview conversation thing. I’m Daniel O’Brien, this is Talia Jane D: You’ve written a couple articles for us here at Cracked. D: You can find them on […]

The Bold Type | Season 4, Episode 7 Trailer | Raven-Symoné Guest Stars

Hold on. You’re gonna be styling Alice Knight? You’re an assistant? Please, let me explain. You wasted my time. I think I’m gonna eat by myself and contemplate Nobody there seemed to have an issue with the fact that I’m bisexual. The only one who really had a problem with it was you.

5 Unique Job Interview Tips for Beginners

3 Creative Job Applications and Resume Examples to INSPIRE You

Hey everyone, this is Self Made Millennial, I’m Madeline Mann. You know, when I’m not sitting in my living room talking to camera I actually have a real job heading up talent and HR at a tech company, and I’ll tell you, I read a lot of resumes. And while yes, reading resumes is not […]