Mike Birbiglia Had To Ejaculate Into Tupperware | Netflix Is A Joke

– And then he says, “But I’m not worried about you, Mike, ’cause whatever happens, whether you have a kid or not, it’s not gonna be better or worse. It’s just gonna be … new.” So Jen and I attempt to conceive for eight months and it does not work, ’cause like I said, my […]

Mike Birbiglia: The New One | Official Trailer | Netflix

Maybe I have a low tolerance for children because I’ve lost a lot of great friends to kids. Because it really is like a disease in some way. But it’s worse than a disease, because they want you to have it too. They’re like zombies. You should have kids too. I’m watching you do it, […]

New On Netflix US | November 2019 | Netflix

You ever show up late? No. Do you drink on the job? No. You ever hit anybody? On the job? Yeah. I don’t think so. Alright then, we don’t have nothing to worry about. It was like the army. You followed orders. You did the right thing. A friend of ours is having a little […]