Value of Volunteering | Your South Florida

I think we have a lot of very generous people in this community with a desire to help. They just don’t know how. Once people understand what it is to receive help they are motivated to provide help. It’s the season of giving. We look at why volunteering is good for your community and good […]

Eddie Huang on Fresh Off the Boat and More: VICE Podcast 003

EDDY MORETTI: Hi, I’m Eddy Moretti. Welcome to the Vice podcast. Today my guest is Eddie Huang. EDDIE HUANG: What’s up? EDDY MORETTI: Yeah. So let’s talk about a bunch of shit. Let’s talk about the book, right? So you have a show on Vice called “Fresh Off The Boat.” And now you have a […]

Tiffany Haddish Partied Too Hard In Miami | Netflix Is A Joke

– Anybody got that one friend? That one friend that can motivate you to do shit you ain’t got no damn business doing. That friend that can make you move into doing things you know you gonna go to jail for. You ever see that movie Pinocchio? And then when Pinocchio was trying to go […]

Street Motivation Magazine Interview with model “Jasmin CaDavid”

what up y’all this is Justin means a cure now tuned into SMTV actually I really don’t guess Jasmine could David how you doing what up what up she girl jasmine could David thanks for having me No thank you so much for your time you’re actually a past video vixen business owner jazzy rolling […]

Inside Miami’s Luxury Car Hustle: Fake It ‘Til You Make It

You think of Miami you think of fast cars flashy jewelry in the clubs, you know The routine is is to show off to stunts and they just want to show their ass that’s what it is Look at me look at me. Look at me.My industry survives on strives on that lives off that […]