Trump’s Immigration Speech Summarized: Immigrants Are Going To Murder You – The Ring Of Fire

Yesterday Donald Trump decides he’s going to head on down to Mexico, meet with the Mexican president. They talked about some things. According to the Mexican government, the border wall did come up, and it was made expressly clear that they would never, ever, ever pay for it. Donald Trump came back, told a different […]

History Summarized: Mexico

Mexico has got a lot going on in its history, from ancient civilizations building temples to the Sun and sowing panic about the year 2012, to a great Empire with a city in the middle of a lake and a habit of hucking people off of pyramids, to its less-than-willing participation in New World globalization […]

History Summarized: The Maya, Aztec, and Inca

All righty! Let’s cover the great civilizations of the New World, from the time before the Old World made the New World New by killing most of the New World and reconstructing it to be way more Old World-y. That’s a mouthful. Anyway, three great civilizations: the Inca, the Aztec, and the Maya. The Maya, […]

(NSFW) Reviving the Dead With DIY Forensics: Still Life (Full Documentary)

Cinematic Video CV – Bioinformatician

What New Border Patrol Recruits Go Through At Boot Camp

Instructor: Close your eyes. Narrator: This… Instructor: Stand by. Narrator: is Border Patrol boot camp. Trainee: United States Border Patrol! Get on the ground! Narrator: Before they serve in the United States Border Patrol… Trainee: Get on the ground! Do it now! Narrator: all trainees have to graduate Instructor: Fall out! Narrator: from the Border […]

Lewis Hamilton: The 2018 F1 World Champion’s Interview

You’ve probably been asked every single question in the last hour and a half, but How do you begin to comprehend the enormity of what you have done today? Urm… I think it’s really going to take some time to really digest everything that’s happened today. But, I’m just really, really proud. Like, I was […]

Telenovelas Are Hell: Maria La Del Barrio

– [Narrator] Would you rather get poisoned by a witch, go through two fires in less than 24 hours, or have your firstborn stolen by a woman who sells sausages on the street? Well, folks, you don’t need to make up your mind. Because in the 90s Mexican telenovela, Maria la del Barrio, all those […]

Telenovelas Are Hell: Marimar

– [Narrator] Do you love seeing people get humiliated? Are you in need of a good old-fashioned plane crash? How about a car crash? Well gather around the fire and let me tell you the story of Marimar, a Mexican telenovela with so many face slaps and bitchy eye rolls that you’ll probably need a […]

Korea, Mexico agree to resume FTA negotiations

Zooming in on the two leaders’ agreement to restart free trade talks… Among the major countries in Latin America, Mexico is the only one with which Korea does not have a bilateral or multilateral FTA. Kim Min-ji has the details. Korea and Mexico are set to open talks on resuming free trade negotiations,… after they […]