Maybe Don’t Do That – Family Vlogs

Man… [knocking] Coming! Drew: Oh hey landlord! Landlord: Hi. Didn’t I evict you last month? Drew: Yeah, but I… I thought we were just doing, like, a skit. Landlord: No, no, no. Drew. This is YouTube. You wouldn’t put something on YouTube if it didn’t actually happen. This is a real life, baby. This right […]

A Book I Made as an Adult

*Cameraman*And, action! *Interviewer*So, Mr. James- *James*Is this rolling? Uh, yes. And, action!(that’s a lot of takes) So Mr. James, is it true that you wrote a book? Oh, THAT thing?*wheeze* Yes, the rumors are true. One afternoon, I was just thinking to myself “Why aren’t I a published author yet?” So I just jotted down […]

Hillary Clinton: Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis

[ theme music ] Where is he? Wh-Where’s Zach? [ZACH] I was just trying to scare her. I was just– Like in the… Halloween spirit of it all. Not a good idea around the Secret Service. – Are you okay? – I’m fine. I’m fine. Let’s start. Hi, welcome to another edition of Between Two […]

Tonight Showbotics: Jimmy Meets Sophia the Human-Like Robot

-♪ Tonight Showbotics, Tonight Showbotics ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ -Welcome to “Tonight Showbotics.” Let’s meet our first robot. Please welcome, from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Howie Choset and Snake Bot. How you doing, buddy? -Nice to meet you. -Howie, nice to see you. -♪ Yeah ♪ -Thank you for coming on the show. I’m […]

Telenovelas Are Hell: Maria La Del Barrio

– [Narrator] Would you rather get poisoned by a witch, go through two fires in less than 24 hours, or have your firstborn stolen by a woman who sells sausages on the street? Well, folks, you don’t need to make up your mind. Because in the 90s Mexican telenovela, Maria la del Barrio, all those […]

My Thoughts on Job Interviews

I know ‘GradeAUnderA’ already made a video about this, but shut up, okay? He wasn’t the only person to ever be interviewed. Just because you talk about something doesn’t mean no one else is allowed to talk about it. Now, I’m a young, adult guy, so I only ever applied to fast food and retail […]

My Teachers

Jeff, you have the board. Ummm… I’ll take Random James Trivia for $400, Alex. (( u can read right? )) Oh! I know this one. What is a male prostitute? (james XD) Ok, that bit’s done now. Male prostitute was never a career goal. Well, I mean, it’s not COMPLETELY off the table. You never […]

Something About Yoshi’s Island ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) 🦎

Unfortunately, Yoshi can’t read. (Crowd chatter) OPEN THE DOOR WE HAVE YOUR BABY. I ain’t do nuttin! Rated M for Mature. Hey, did you know the scientific term for butt crack is intergluteal crease? (Indian War Whoops) (sigh) Jim, you can’t do stuff like that. Stop it. Get some help. AY! I WANNA RIDE DA […]

Star Has A Meltdown Over Wells Fargo Service

hey there hey there hey there I usually say good morning good afternoon good evening but uh it’s none of those no it’s it’s Monday and this is a very impromptu rant session meltdown if you will we’re all busy on a Monday I’ve got shit to do I’m washing clothes in the next room […]

Founding Interns of League of Legends

In 2006, roommates Marc Merrill and Brandon Beck founded a small startup called “Riot Games”. They dreamed of one day making video games for hardcore gamers like themselves. The kind of games they could spend hundreds of hours playing, testing their skills. But this isn’t their story. I quit my job as a high school […]