The World’s Wildest Rapper | Gangsta Rap International – Poland

The police were looking for me in every country. I was wanted by police and at the same time, I became a star.I’ll buy a gun and a black track suit.I don’t look for inspiration from nobody. This shit comes from cocaine, from alcohol.F**k FBI and CBŚ. (Polish investigative bureau)F**k pigs.Those f**king pigs will never […]

Mass Effect 2, épisode 1: Intro & Résumé de Mass Effect 1 (VOSTFr)

Hello, it is Chironex, I hope you are fine and welcome to this first video of Mass Effect 2, game that will be the main thread of this channel as YOU decided. Today, let’s discover together the game intro and the Mass Effect 1 summary Enjoy watching! So, that was the Mass Effect 1 presentation, […]

LÜGEN Tour Tagebuch Diary #1 – Preparation

Hi guys, it’s Dirk from Heldmaschine – live from the bus for ‘Maschinenfunk’ ! One could say I’m on a holy quest today as these are the last preparations for the upcoming LÜGEN tour and I’m about to collect the last missing pieces which is why I’m going to ‘The Promised Land’ ! And I’ll […]

Novelists interview (spanish sub)

Jennifer Lopez Gave Up Carbs & Sugar to Prep for Her Role as a Stripper

You still must be exhausted from Sunday night. I am. Yeah, I am. Just the whole, like, ramp up to it was like, oh, god. Yeah. Yeah. But it was great. It was great. It was a lot of– A-Rod looked like he was– he looked like he had never seen a rehearsal of that. […]

Hassan Campbell & Derrick C. Williams Interview

hey good evening this is the star report on a Thursday night welcome aboard all right all right got a brand new computer system in case you’re not the speed yesterday’s show I had to put up a and a cartoon image of myself because my main computer the motherboard went out died on me […]