How Are British English and American English Different?

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Langfocus channel and my name is Paul. Today we’ll be answering the question “How are British English and American English Different?” – one of the most commonly asked questions by learners of English. And hopefully native speakers of English will learn a thing or two from this video as well. […]

The Hardest Writing System! – an animated rant about learning Japanese

Writing Japanese is hard. I know you’re thinking. Duh, Josh, it’s Japan! When they go in, they go ALL IN! But it’s worse than you think. It’s ridiculously, ridiculously hard! Growing up, I was a language nut. Look at me, making this video, guess I still am. Through the years, I spent time learning this […]

How to spot a leader in their handwriting | Jamie Mason Cohen | TEDxUBIWiltz

Translator: Queenie Lee Reviewer: Peter van de Ven Do you procrastinate? Sometimes? I’m a teacher, and when my students leave studying for an exam until the last possible moment, they pull an all-nighter, in which they try to cram everything from the entire school year into their head, the night before the exam. If you […]