JAGMAC Interview | How They Got Started, Radio Disney & More

hey guys, we’re JAGMAC. we’re all brothers and sisters one family. JAGMAC actually stands for the first letter of each of our names from youngest to oldest what’s up I’m Jared hey guys I’m Angelique what’s up I’m Gabriel how’s it going, I’m Manjo. what’s up guys my name is Alyssa and I’m CJ put […]

Favorite Lines with Joe, Maya, and Gaten | Stranger Things | Netflix

My favorite quote is is a … is a line said by… I actually dont know the character’s name but the actor’s name was Misha and he was the Russian commander and his line is.. he goes up to you and he says He says, and then he says I think your friend need a […]

Queer People 16-65 Talk About Identity | Cut

– [Presenter] What do you think the queer community will look like in 50 years? – We’re all just gonna be data by that point. So, I think that like, the sex can only get better. (ambient music) – [Presenter] How do you identify? – Ooh, what a loaded question? – As of right now, […]

Largest cities in the USA summarized (PART 2) Geography Now!

Hey everybody so this is gonna have to be a filler week because as you know, Right now I am working on the next few country episodes but in the meantime This is gonna be part two of the last video that I did for filler week explaining the largest cities in the USA per […]

Priyanka Chopra Jonas – What I Eat in a Day | Nickyanka | Pinkvilla | PC Nick Jonas Anniversary

Nick hasn’t learnt how to cook Indian food yet that’s something to think about hi guys i am Priyanka and today i am gonna share with you what i eat in the day i don’t get away with it I’ve learnt how to sort of hide it a very creative way ah i love food […]

Bill Burr Learned Why Gorillas Shouldn’t Have Pet Kittens | Netflix Is A Joke

– So this lady down at the zoo, this lady down at the zoo, she taught this gorilla how to do sign language, okay? And I don’t just mean like hello and goodbye, like literally phrases, this thing could like talk about its emotions. They were actually conversing. The gorilla’s sitting there talking to her, […]

The largest CITIES in the USA summarized – Part 1 (Geography Now!)

Hey, everybody could see you again. So two things number one. We are filming the next few country episodes So I gotta give you a filler week topic second of all very quickly A lot of you have been asking me what am I gonna do about? Swati me, you know the name that Swaziland’s […]


hi guys it is 3:27 a.m. I don’t know if you can hear me over the cars heat but it’s really early and I’m heading to the airport now I’m an early bird so even though my flight doesn’t take off till 6 I always try to be 2 hours early but yeah I wanted […]

Mountain Deer Revival – Daughter of the Delta

three more miles of road turns to dust there’s a Cyprus tree right before the turn she was still here the last I heard and a claim to fame is doing dirty work there’s strange wind blowin comin up from the south but the blue still flows through the Mississippi’s mouth and there’s a black […]