In Pursuit of the Creative Life: Interview with Questlove

>>Jane Chu: It’s my privilege to introduce our keynote speaker. What a powerhouse of creativity. Questlove is a four-time Grammy Award winning drummer, DJ, designer, producer, culinary entrepreneur, co-founder of the band, The Roots, and the musical director for the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, where his Roots crew serves as house band. He’s a […]

Best Of: Bill Burr | Netflix Is A Joke

– You know everything has just become fucking absolutes. In The States it’s fuckin’ nuts. Like that Colin Kaepernick guy, right? You knew when he was like protesting during the National Anthem, no one was gonna listen to what the fuck he had to say. No matter how much he explained it. He goes “I’m […]

[ENG SUB] GOT7 Mark Tuan Full Interview with ELLE Magazine

Hello readers of Elle Magazine I am Mark Tuan Yi En I’m very happy to see everyone Q: Describe yourself in 3 words M: Young… Youngster Is it correct? Youngster ABC (American-Born-Chinese) ABC and… cute! (tag yourself i’m the interviewer laughing at his cuteness) Q: What are your preferences when choosing your daily outfit? M: […]

K-Pop Group GOT7 Reveal Fan Stories, Surprise Facts & Play ‘Confess Sesh’ In Interview | PeopleTV

All right, we are very excited to welcome K-pop group GOT7 All right, we are very excited to welcome k-pop group GOT7 to People Now! And you guys have a special introduction? Two, three. Come and get it, we are GOT7! Hello, we are GOT7! asshole I know a lot of k-pop groups have their […]

Billie Eilish – Why she was so embarrassed she could cry | DASDING Interview

I ain’t day today I couldn’t do the shot I almost cried because I’m so embarrassed he was hiding it under the couch this is scratched the interview with the yellow box and today Billy Eilish thank you so much for doing this of course I’m hyped me too I’m excited because as you can […]

Gay Men Decide Who’s the Gayest | Lineup | Cut

– You gave me a nine and you gave me a one. – Oh! (laughing) – He like watches sports for fun. That’s not gay. (inquisitive music) – [Interviewer] On a scale of one to ten, how gay are you? – Uh, 100. And I’m a drag queen, so. (laughs) That’s just it. – I […]

Falling In Reverse (Ronnie Radke) Interview with Rock Forever Magazine (russian sub)

hey guys it’s Tori from rock forever magazine and I’m here right now with Ronnie from falling in Reverse how’s it going good good yes here in Orlando yeah we’re in Orlando we’re playing with Atilla we’re on the tour right now we’re a quarter of the way in this is not what I expected […]

Esther magazine interview talk about Dino Eng Sub 李玉璽吳心緹 Dino Lee Esther Wu

“How to get close with Dino?” He is the one who easily to get close with I think he is funny He is the” Happy nut” in the shooting place For example, I remember that one time we was taking selfie we need to act different facial expression,such as happy,angry,sad and so on but he […]

Billie Eilish Reveals Her Favorite Fan Gift & How She Plans to Spend Her 18th Birthday | Billboard

– Hey, I’m Billie Eilish, and I’m playing Fishing For Answers. (pops) (downtempo music) Okay, favorite piece of fan art or gift from a fan. Oh, my god, I can’t even single it down, my god. In, where it was, in Berlin, these two girls made these big stuffed animal Blohshes, which is my logo. […]

Young Dylan’s Mixtape: Cardi B Gives Young Dylan Advice About Growing Up a Rapper

Oh. Oh. What’s up, everybody? And welcome to “Young Dylan’s Mixtape.” I just can’t wait to see who’s here today. Let’s go! [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. [LAUGHS] Hi! Nice to meet you! Hi! Nice to meet you. It’s Cardi B! Oh, my god. Hi! Can I get a hug? Oh, my god. Ah! You’re so talented. […]