Best Friends Challenge w/ the Cast of The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia 🤗 Netflix Futures

– Hey, we’re the cast of “The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia”, and we’re going to be playing the best friends challenge. (upbeat jazz music) – Okay. – I’ve got it. – Well, there’s two. – Oh wow. – What is it? – I’m on it. – Whoa, fall summer, yeah! – Fall summer. – […]

Chris D’Elia Met A Russian Biker Gang | Netflix Is A Joke

[Chris D’Elia] Cubans love being Cubans. They’re so fucking excited, it’s hilarious. You know what the opposite of Cubans are? Russians. Straight up. (Crowd laughing) They don’t give a fuck. They’re mad always. You never (laughs) You never met a happy Russian ever. Ever. I can prove it right now. You never once in your […]

Shakespeare Summarized: Twelfth Night

You know what makes any story ten times better? “EVERYONE HERE IS MALE” Cross-dressing “Not Sure If Dude Looks Like A Lady Or Lady Looks Like A Dude” That’s right. This is a look at Shakespeare’s famous play about gender confusion . A little something called “Twelfth Night” for some reason. “OUR LOVE CAN NEVER […]

What Inspired MAX’s Hit Song ‘Lights Down Low’? | Ridiculousness

– Look, lemme tell you something about “Lights Down Low”, man. Smash hit, okay. – Thanks, man. – An incredible song. What inspired it, man? – My wife, who’s actually here today. I wrote it for her, and I proposed to her with it, to get married, so. (applause) – [Sterling] That’s dope, that’s dope, […]

Feel Good | Official Trailer | Netflix

Are you ready for the next act? That girl’s here again. Please give it up for Mae Martin! Hi, guys. I’m from Canada. I came over in a canoe recently with Celine Dion. -Hi… hi. Hi. -Hi. I’ve never been on a date with a girl before. -Do you like films? -Do you want to […]

Kendall Jenner on North West’s Fashionista Style and Picking Psalm West’s Name

-How’s the baby? The new baby? -Psalm. -Yes. -Everything’s great. -Yeah. -Yeah, he’s awesome. He’s so adorable. -He’s so cute. -I actually got kidnapped when he was born. I was out of town the day he was born, so I didn’t see him for a couple days. Kim made me come to her house and […]

John Mulaney Received The Call That Dave Chappelle Went Missing | Netflix Is A Joke

– Hi, I’m John Mulaney and this is how I got started. (fast-cooking jazz horns) So when I was growing up, there were 1,000 million comedians on TV all the time. The first comedian I ever saw was a guy named Dennis Wolfberg, who was a Chicago-based comedian, he was on cable. I liked The […]

Ronny Chieng Is Baffled By Certain States’ Mottos | Netflix Is A Joke

– Right, like the state motto of an east coast state, like the state motto of New Hampshire is, “Live Free or Die!” (audience laughter) That’s a very intense state motto. All right, if you’re from New Hampshire, and you’re living there, at some point, you have to start questioning. Like how far do we […]

DIY Challenge: Egg Carton Desk Organizers 🥚 Maker Masters | Netflix Futures

We have 10 minutes! – Yeah, we have the time to do that, we just gotta go quick. – Can I keep it? You broke it! – We can tape it down. Watch, just throw some glue down there. – This is not gonna go well and I already know. What’s up, I’m Isaiah Russell-Bailey. […]

Jerah Milligan Wrote “Reparations” Based Off A Real Club Experience | Netflix Is A Joke

(beep) – “Reparations” is a sketch, oh I wrote that sketch. – Yeah I was like, “Yeah you wrote it!” – Sorry. (upbeat music) (typing sound) – It’s time to get lit! (sirens) Shout out to all the single ladies in the house. All the fellas with a good job, and to the black folk […]