All 50 U.S. states summarized (Geography Now!)

Hey Geograpeeps! So, this is a little video that I kind of wanted to make for a while, but never really had time. Until now! So, of course the majority of Geography Now! subscribers are from, you know, my home country; The U.S. However, we do have a very, very noticeable and sizeable community of […]

Largest cities in the USA summarized (PART 2) Geography Now!

Hey everybody so this is gonna have to be a filler week because as you know, Right now I am working on the next few country episodes but in the meantime This is gonna be part two of the last video that I did for filler week explaining the largest cities in the USA per […]

EnGrip – YCombinator Startup School Presentation Day Pitch

Hello everyone! EnGrip brings non formal learning to resume. I am Anil, founder of EnGrip. Assume you have got a new work assignment that requires a new skill. Where would you go to learn ? Library or enroll yourself into a course in a university? I would generally prefer going online and start learning. But […]

The largest CITIES in the USA summarized – Part 1 (Geography Now!)

Hey, everybody could see you again. So two things number one. We are filming the next few country episodes So I gotta give you a filler week topic second of all very quickly A lot of you have been asking me what am I gonna do about? Swati me, you know the name that Swaziland’s […]

How to Write a Summary

So we summarize all the time in our daily lives You may summarize something interesting that you read in the news Or you may summarize a movie plot line for a friend Or a lesson for a classmate who has been sick and missed the class And at some point in your academic carrer, you […]

Question Tags: The Grammar Gameshow Episode 22

Hello, and welcome to today’s Grammar Gameshow! I’m your host, Will! Just try and contract me, you’ll see what happens! And of course, let’s not forget Leslie, our all-knowing voice in the sky. Hello, everyone! Tonight, we’re going to ask you three questions about… Question tags! Those little auxiliary verb plus pronoun combinations for checking […]

Geography Now! NEPAL

You know after I made the India video, I got a lot of Nepalese people saying: “You made a mistake. Buddha was not born in India. He was born in Lumbini, which is in Nepal.” Too, which many of the Indian subscribers were like: “Yeah, but Buddhist texts say he grew up in Kapilavatsu for […]

“The Letter A Song” by

Alan ate an apple, and awesome it did taste. Ava ate an apricot, and not a bite did waste. Andy watched a little ant crawl along the ground. And Allie watched an alligator swim without a sound. The alphabet begins with a. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray for a! Let’s find the words that start with letter […]