I’m taking a short break. English lessons will resume on September 3!

Hi. Bob the Canadian here. I hope this video isn’t too boring for some of you. I’m basically going to spend about five minutes talking about myself. I know some of you are interested in my life, but hopefully you don’t mind just listening for a little bit. I looked at my calendar this morning, […]

A Fun Way to Learn 25 English Phrasal Verbs! Acted Out! With Examples!

Hi. Welcome to this English lesson on phrasal verbs where I’m going to act out over 25 phrasal verbs. By the way, act out is already your first phrasal verb for this video. When you act something out, you use all of your skills to demonstrate through actions what the word means. So hopefully I […]

08 common Interview question and answers – Job Interview Skills

Hello my name is Niharika. When you apply for a job and your’e called for an interview, there are various questions that are asked and the better prepared you are, the more successful your interview would be. Well, you might have come across various videos online that talk about the most common interview questions and […]

10 Common English Phrases

OK. So you want to learn English the best way to learn English is practice practice practice. But before you practice you must learn some common English phrases. Learning common English phrases is a great way to learn English because you can learn one phrase a day and you can go out into the community […]

Professional cover letter phrases for a Job Resume – (Interview Skills & Business English Lesson)

Hello Everyone, I am Niharika and welcome back to a new lesson. In today’s lesson we are gonna look at phrases to write an effective cover letter. Now when do you write a cover letter? When you are applying for a job. And what’s the most important thing that you have to send? It’s your […]

Learning English—Resume and Cover Letter | How to: Resume and Cover Letter | Can vs Can’t in English

You found a job that you’re dying to get. When’s the last time you took a look at your resume? Maybe you don’t even have one yet. And what about a cover letter? The strength of these two materials will determine whether or not you get an interview. In this video, I’m going to interview […]