Greek debt talks to resume after euro rejection 그리스-채권단, 합의 불발…유로그룹 회의 난항 예고

We connect now to Paul Yi at the News Center for the top international headlines. Paul, let′s start with the latest on the Greek debt crisis. Any signs of a breakthrough? Well, despite high hopes earlier this week, the Greek government and its international creditors have yet again failed to narrow their differences. However, time […]

(여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) – LoL K/DA ‘POP/STARS’ Project Behind(미연&소연)

Hello. Right now, we are in LA, Santa Monica. Hello. [STAFF] Where is this place? This is LA! We were in Berlin and came over to LA right away. [STAFF] What did you do in Berlin? In Berlin, we did “Music Bank”. “Berlin in Music Bank”(?) “Music Bank in Berlin”. [Miyeon and Soyeon having fun […]

BLACKPINK Play ‘How Well Do You Know Your Bandmates?’ | Billboard

– Hi. We’re Blackpink and we’re gonna find out how well we know our bandmates. (“DDU-DU DDU-DU” by Blackpink) (counting in Korean language) – Ah. – Oh! – Yay! – Because, but there’s a reason. (laughing) There’s a reason why it’s these two. – Oh, it’s you and me. – Yeah! – Yay! – Because […]

[CONTACT INTERVIEW★]HyunA Prepared Sandwich For E’dawn & Hui 20170507

Everyone! We’ve invited you to a very great place! The atmosphere’s great~! It’s great, feels like we’re on a picnic A picnic on the rooftop of their practice rooms. Are there any memories you have about Spring picnics? When it comes to spring picnics… I think of stone graves Stone graves? I’m from Hwasun County […]

VAV (브이에이브이) – Exclusive interview about upcoming concert in Paris

Hello, Corée Magazine! Hello, we are VAV Hello, I’m Ayno. Hello, I’m Ace. Bonjour. Hi, I’m Baron. Hello, I’m Lou. Bonjour, I’m Ziu. Hello, I’m Jacob. Hello everyone, I’m St.Van. Ace: When did we debut? Baron: We debuted on October 31st, 2015. Baron: The Vs are for Very awesome, Visual, Voice, and Valuable. The Vs […]

Full Interview: BTS On What They Love About Themselves, Each Other, Dream Artist Collabs | PeopleTV

So first, congrats on your guys’s new album, “Love Yourself: Tear”, yeah BTS : Yeah, thank you! What do you guys most looking forward to about the release? J-Hope: First, Billboard Music Awards comeback show This is a world premiere. It says it all. And then so tell me about the inspiration behind your guys’s […]

my epik interview! // spring 2019 interview questions, tips, etc.

hey y’all, welcome back to my channel! this video is all about my EPIK interview, so if you’re interested in knowing the questions that i was asked, some tips and tricks that i have that will help you, and any information about the EPIK interview, then just keep on watching 🙂 if you have watched […]

[ENG SUB] GOT7 Mark Tuan Full Interview with ELLE Magazine

Hello readers of Elle Magazine I am Mark Tuan Yi En I’m very happy to see everyone Q: Describe yourself in 3 words M: Young… Youngster Is it correct? Youngster ABC (American-Born-Chinese) ABC and… cute! (tag yourself i’m the interviewer laughing at his cuteness) Q: What are your preferences when choosing your daily outfit? M: […]

BTS: The K-pop Group Reveal Their Go-To Karaoke Songs, First Concerts & More | Entertainment Weekly

[Music] [Music] [Music] the color of the underwear they’ll be wearing that day is really important so we try to keep you black but sometimes we we wear whites or or bread so that it’s going to be really embarrassing open zipper yeah yeah so yeah I can wear [Music] redemption one more time mustard […]