How To Add Keywords To Your Resumes & Cover Letters

Are you a person who has the one resume you send out for every job application? Are you wondering why you’re sending out 10 20 even 30 copies of that one resume and receiving zero job interviews. Would you like to get the attention of every employer, so your resume or cover letter will earn […]

Creating a Winning Resume Webinar | Ashford University Career Services

Welcome the Ashford University Career Services Webinar in Creating A Winning Resume. We are excited for you to join us today as we look at strategies that will put your resume over the top against your competition. In particular, I’m excited to be part of this webinar because it wasn’t too many years ago that […]

Why Most Advice Re: Keywords on Resumes is Wrong

– So question we get a lot is keywords, keywords on the resume. What do we need to do? There’s a lot of advice out there. There’s a lot of bad advice from resume experts on where keywords fit in and how they are effectively use. Olivia I know got some strong opinions on this. […]